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Squeenix has a new teaser site up, with a dragon, a number 4, and a counter counting down until July 6th. Judging by the Gameboy-esque music and the black-and-white picture, I'm betting it'll be SaGa 4, especially since this is the 20th anniversary (hard to believe) of the first SaGa game, for the original Game Boy. WiiWare, DSiWare, mobile phone, or next-gen system?

Anyway, I'm heading out this afternoon for 10 days in London with my friend Stephanie; I'm hoping to update my LJ a little more frequently while I'm there, and certainly I should have a buttload of pictures upon our return. But if I don't update while I'm there (due to lack of time/wi-fi/whatever), see y'all in a week and a half!
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Yesterday, when I picked up my glasses after getting out of the shower, one of the arms fell off - the screw came out and tumbled down somewhere under my bed that I can't get to. I went through the day sans glasses - the only time I'd done so (except for showers/sleeping, of course) since the whole drunken blackout incident while I was in England that prompted me to get this pair of glasses in the first place (having lost my old ones).

It made me kind of nostalgic. Also, headachey.

I went to the mall after class hoping to see if I could get a not-too-expensive new pair ASAP at the glasses place there, but since I couldn't even leave for the mall till after 5, I got there after the eye doctor had left, and so couldn't get an eye exam. Muttering, I went to Target and got one of those glasses repair kits, figuring I'd just fix this pair until I can get new ones (since I AM overdue), but the stupid screws included are either too large or just won't go in. (It doesn't help that you pretty much need three hands - two to hold the two parts of the glasses and a third to screw the screw in - even discounting the problems with trying to get the only screw that IS the right size started it in its threads.) I'm gonna try it again this morning before I leave, but otherwise I'mma go the Harry Potter route and tape it. D:

My other reason for going to the mall was to pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Unfortunately, every place was out, including GameStop. So the mall run did turn out to be a big bust, though I did have a delicious Bennigan's dinner and did pick up Entourage season 2 on the cheap. I liked the first season, and while I certainly don't think it's "ZOMG BEST SHOW EVAR!!!1!" at least now I'll have something to talk about with my more fratboyish students that do. Also Jeremy Piven is full of awesomeness (despite ONTD having shown he is rather badly balding, and uses a toupee to look like he has a full head of hair on the show).

Also, Geoffrey Chaucer takes on Paris Hilton Parys Launcecrona:

GC: Confessioun?

PL: Hotness. My friare-confessour is sooo hotte. Lyk, he beth so hotte that thou nedest to put fowere of the letter t in ‘hotttte.’ Nay, more. Adam Pinkhurste kan nat make a fancie-enow lookynge ‘t’ to convey the temperature of thys franciscan. Caxton hath not t’s enow in hys case of lettres to shewe how hot this friare ys. His in principio is insayne! O, pardon! Ich was so distractede. Ich lyk totallie lost myselfe. Hastow anothir worde for me, man?

In other news, a Catholic priest is distinctly unconvincing at denying that he's gay, and apparently Japan's Agriculture Ministry is not, in fact, in charge of Gundam. D:

Home again

Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:48 pm
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Well, back in the U.S. of A. - currently in Memphis, at my brother's house. Didn't get to hang out with Yasmin because I couldn't get ahold of her...she'd left her phone at a friend's and so had no way to contact me. So I just saw Wicked that day, then chilled out and packed to leave. Fortunately the Glasgow car bomb the day before I left didn't particularly affect my plane trip back, except in making me glad I'd arrived at the airport 3 hours before departure time. Today, just chilled and saw the Memphis Zoo with my brother (he got off work early because there was a small fire in his building and so they sent folks home), and then we went to East Memphis for some tasty Memphis barbecue (at Corky's).

Heading back up to the IC tomorrow evening...I should be uploading at least some of the pictures within a few days after getting back, so expect those soon. I've been reviewing some of them, and a few have turned out quite well. :D

Last day

Jun. 30th, 2007 10:43 am
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Well, it looks like plans to go up to Durham may have fallen through. Oh well, I'm sure I'll see Colin next time I come (which will hopefully not be four years in the making again). In the meantime, I'll spend my last full day here in central London before I hang out with Yasmin, maybe take in a show. (I'm just sad both Ian McKellen's Lear and nakie Harry Potter have ended already...though Avenue Q sounds good with its "adult Sesame Street" angle, so I'll probably go see that or Wicked if I can get tickets.) And it appears a massive gay pride festival is going on in central London today, though, so I imagine that'll make things interesting. XD
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Back at my customary spot outside Waterloo. Spent yesterday hanging out with Ollie ([livejournal.com profile] satsu), who introduced me to the wonders of curry ketchup and Vodka Revolution (which are two entirely different things - a condiment and a cocktail bar - just in case you were wondering). Also tried some delicious Dutch sausages with an unpronounceable name and tasty fruity beer that he recommended to me. However, hitting three salubrious drinking establishments in five hours or so meant I had entirely too much to drink - unfortunately I am not able to hold my liquor as well as your average Brit, it seems - so I was a bit of a drunky tard, but I don't think Ollie minded that much (I hope?). XD

Speaking of drunky tardness, I totally spaced the fact that I had a Globe ticket for yesterday when I was hanging out with him...I didn't remember until this morning when I woke up. Still, it's probably just as well...at 7:30 I still had enough alcohol in my system to make standing and watching a play rather difficult, I imagine, though perhaps more authentic to the experience of your average soused Elizabethan laborer. XD

Anyway, today I went and saw Hampton Court, which my Tudor-loving self enjoyed immensely (even if I did end up getting lost in the hedge maze, thanks to my craptastic sense of direction). I also spent entirely too much at the gift shop (I had no choice! It was like ALL TUDOR ALL THE TIME), though in my defense it's not ALL stuff for me. However, my mom, as the only other person I know with both as large a range of interests and as ardent a case of Anglophilia as myself, is gonna get a crapload of souvenirs and stuff next time I see her. XD

Plans for tomorrow are to get up at the buttcrack of dawn, take the train/tube to Kings Cross, take an 8 a.m. high-speed train from there to Durham, hang out with my former flatmate Colin for a few hours, head back about 6, get into London around 9 or a little after, and meet up with another former flatmate, Yasmin, and hang out for a few hours. Then Sunday pretty much all I'll be doing is heading to Gatwick and saying goodbye to England (at least for a while). D:

I actually have quite a bit of time right now - I'm just waiting for an e-mail from Colin to confirm things so that I can make the train reservation - so I think I'll probably subject y'all to some observations on nostalgia and place, inspired by having returned to England for the first time since my year here.

Cut for navel-gazing )

Hope that made sense...it's taken a while to type, and I'm almost out of time, so I'll sign off now and post it.
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Wasn't able to get tickets to Othello yesterday, woes. However, I did procure a groundling ticket for one of the two shows this week at the Globe with tickets remaining, the Merchant of Venice on Thursday evening. :D

For those uninitiated in Shakespearean dramatic lingo, "groundling" means "standing like a peasant." D:

Saw quite a bit of Southwark yesterday...like the Clink Museum, the prison from where we get the slang term (it was owned by the Bishop of Winchester), and the replica of the Golden Hind. I also went to Southwark Cathedral, just expecting a nice church and certainly not prepared to pay a 2-pound fee just to take pictures. After less than five minutes in the church, though, I was toddling back to the gift shop to get one, because Southwark Cathedral is where John Gower was buried, in a rather elaborate and colorful tomb. Fortuitous. :D

The rest of the church is really pretty too.

Now, however, it's off to Canterbury for me. Ciao for now!
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Another mini-post...I'm currently at the computer at the Tourist Centre in Kingston-upon-Thames, and I only have 10 minutes left of my allotted half-hour. (I also sent e-mails to [livejournal.com profile] satsu and my former flatmates Colin and Yasmin to see if they want to get together sometime while I'm here.)

Again, not much time, but I've spent today visiting Kingston and having loads of fun seeing all the places I went regularly during my year here. Current plans are to do something in central London tomorrow (Oxford Street, maybe? I'm going to try to get some kind of day-of tickets to that Othello production, as I couldn't get them through the service I originally tried), and visiting Canterbury on Wednesday. I want to see the cathedral (as it was one of the two archbishoprics, and Becket of course was killed there), and I guess they have some delightfully cheesy reenactment of the Canterbury Tales which sounds awesome (the reenactment of the Miller's Tale alone should be great, especially since it promises to let you "experience the sights, sounds and smells").

Plans after that are a bit more amorphous, but I'm definitely visiting Hampton Court while I'm here, and paying another visit to the British Museum and Library (on my last visit to the Library day before yesterday, I saw 2 original copies of Magna Carta, so I've now seen 3 of the 4 surviving ones). Also the aforementioned get-togethers will hopefully happen too. So I'm definitely keeping busy. XD

Anyway, I have like 2 minutes left, so time for me to sign off. Expect a detailed description of my trip, plus lots and lots of pictures, once I get back to Memphis next week. :D
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Not much time to talk, but I'm in London; the organized tour part of our trip is over, and it was great. Gelato and Vatican City in Rome, the Doge's Palace in Venice, chocolates and Alps in Lucerne, the Louvre in Paris, and now the British Museum in London. More later.
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Welp, I'm mostly packed and almost ready to go...right now I'm washing up some dishes and trying to tidy up my apartment. Before I leave I'm going to hit the Burg for a substantial breakfast, drop off some books at the university and public libraries, make a bank deposit, then pick up some snacks for the road before I pick up my shit and head to the bus station. I'll have Net access at my brother's, so if anyone wants to leave their addresses on the last entry for a postcard, feel free to do so until, say, Wednesday night. (I'm not sure how early we leave Thursday exactly, but just to be on the safe side.) After that I will actually be out of touch for a while, but hopefully everyone has a great couple of weeks!

In related news, I'm currently at the inquiry stage for a ticket to the Globe production of Othello, which makes me giddy as a schoolgirl. My big regret is that Ian McKellen's King Lear ends three days before I get to England; I would sell a KIDNEY to see Sir Ian as Lear. (It reopens again later, I think, but in November.) ;_;
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Sorry I've kind of been persona non grata for a few days - I've been playing Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm (which ROCKS, btw) and madly preparing for my European trip. I've also been crappy about checking other folks' LJs/blogs, which probably won't change before I leave for my brother's in Memphis on Tuesday morning. (We leave for Rome on Thursday.) As such, if anyone wants to contact me before the 1st of July, your best bet is probably e-mail; I won't check LJ probably until I get back, and I won't even bother trying to catch up on 3 weeks of entries probably. I probably won't be able to check e-mail regularly either, but certainly I'll probably hit an Internet cafe sometime during my week in England near the end at the very least.

I've also been rereading a lot of Elizabeth Peters mysteries to prepare for my trip, which are all about travel to exotic locations and solving mysteries; even better, they're usually about ACADEMICS doing said traveling and solving (after all, Peters' true identity is Egyptologist Barbara Mertz). I'm especially enjoying her Vicky Bliss series (featuring a tall blonde art historian who reminds me, at least physically, of [livejournal.com profile] eikitty) and her Jacqueline Kirby series (featuring a bitchy snarky but awesome librarian-turned-romance author as a protagonist). However, this reading is perhaps giving me a distorted idea of what my European trip will be like; ideally none of our fellow tour attendees will get brutally murdered, but if they do I will be mentally prepared for it:

Anyway! I'd kind of like to send postcards to folks, so if any of y'all would like me to send you a postcard during my trip, leave your address here by, say, late Monday evening (Central time) and I will send you one. I can't promise cards from specific locations, just because I'm not sure how much free time I'll have in each place, but it will be from somewhere along my trip (so, Italy, Switzerland, France, or England). I'm screening all comments y'all leave on this entry with addresses and such, so they won't show up for anyone but me (to protect your privacy).

And I will be back in early July (in Memphis on the 1st or so, and back in IC around the 4th), with probably a billion pictures from my trip since I got a new digital camera that actually takes decent pictures. So hopefully that's something to look forward to! :D

Edit: Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] plainjanesdubc: leave me your cell phone number! I'll give you guys a call if my brother and I have free time from our tour on the 21st and maybe we can get together. Also, [livejournal.com profile] satsu, I'll drop you an e-mail once I get into London and we can make plans to hang out maybe.

Sadly, it looks like I probably won't be getting together with my friend Colin - at least, he hasn't let me know what would be a good time to get together. D:
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Well, my brother has booked our European vacation sensation. Our itinerary )

Honestly, even though we will be crossing some of the same territory we saw last time we went Eurotripping (during Christmas break of my year in England), I don't mind at all - all the Italian cities are new, and I certainly have no problem seeing Lucerne and Paris again, since I loved both of them last time and there's plenty I didn't see in both cities (and it will be nice to be in Lucerne not on Christmas Day, so things will actually be OPEN). And of course I want to live in England eventually, so even though I've seen lots of London before I know I won't get tired of it (and then I'll hopefully be visiting Colin, so I'll get to see a new part of England too!). I'm not entirely certain where I'll be staying in England, but I've been checking out inexpensive places to stay; fortunately in London you can pretty much get anywhere from anywhere, so it really doesn't matter that much, though for sentimental value I kind of want to stay in Kingston. :D

And BY GOD I AM GOING TO HAMPTON COURT THIS TIME...I lived like 5 minutes away from it for 9 months and was too lazy to go see it until the very end, despite being a huge Tudor freak and it being a major Tudor site. Then at the end ended up not being able to go as I'd planned because I had to leave a week and a half early to go home for my dad's funeral. (Another reason I'm glad I'm going is that it'll be nice to have my most recent memories of England not be sad and tragedy-stricken.)

...In unrelated news, I've finished my Beowulf paper and final (verdict: paper not bad but not fabulously intelligent either, final didn't go great but could have been a lot worse), and now all I have to do is finish my grading for my Rhetoric class and implement the suggestions my prof gave for finishing my seminar paper. The problem, of course, is that my seminar paper is now moving at approximately 1/10000 the speed of molasses. I'm hoping to finish it tonight though, or tomorrow at the latest. (I'm also going to start my grading tonight; it'll be so nice to not have to focus on writing amazingly fabulous comments except for the few who specifically gave me a SASE or asked for comments. ZOMG SO MUCH FASTER.)

Man, I'm so ready for this semester to be over. Unfortunately my summer class starts Monday, and I've already been assigned reading for the first day of class. This is not an auspicious beginning. D:

Let's Positive Linking!
- MadTV does The Wizard of Oz. (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.) Actually quite good; the best part is that the chick playing Dorothy totally has the Judy Garland intonation down, even when she's throttling Glinda or calling the Tin Man a homo. XD
- The opening movie for Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War. ZOMG DO WANT
- Squeenix announces Star Ocean/Star Ocean 2 remakes for PSP, Star Ocean 4 in development. As a confirmed tri-Ace whore, my immediate response was to start salivating like Pavlov's shota dog.
- The most offensive piece of statuary I've seen in a while. Honestly, is this what they think all comic readers want? (Of course we must all be male, because we all know girls CAN'T read comics, and if they do it doesn't count.) Seriously, it's like June Cleaver meets Daisy Duke. Now, MJ is a sexpot, but still! The exposed cleavage, the fact that she's barefoot (though not pregnant, that might prevent her from having a26GGG figure), the VISIBLE THONG, the PEARL NECKLACE...WHAT THE FUCK. (And we're not even going to get into the fact that I'm sure, given the crap Spidey puts that costume through, that I'm sure it's machine washable, and that MJ is practical enough to do so.)
- Bobby Brown claims Osama Bin Laden wants to kill him and marry Whitney Houston. Yes, you read that right. On the plus side, Osama x Whitney would be an AWESOME COUPLE. XD
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Well, it looks like I'm pulling an all-nighter to finish up this seminar draft - I didn't get nearly as much done today as I would have liked, and while it is just a draft, given that tomorrow today is the "official" (though not hard and fast) deadline, I'd kind of like whatever I turn in tomorrow today to be at least half-decent. (Not to mention that the closer to complete it is, the more useful the feedback will be.)

My goal is to e-mail my prof the draft by about noon or so, then collapse for twelve hours or so. Then I'll spend all of tomorrow finishing up my Beowulf paper and studying for my final exam in that class on Wednesday morning; hopefully I'll get my draft back by Wednesday afternoon, and then I can spend the final two days of the week finishing up this bastard of a paper based on my prof's suggestions. Honestly, after spending like four of the days in the last week working on papers (the weekend doing this, and then a couple of days during the week working on Beowulf, and that's not even counting all the time I've spent on research for the seminar paper), I'm so sick of paper-writing it's not even funny, but I have pretty much another entire week of it ahead of me.

Honestly, all that's going to keep me going through this week is the assurance that I'm going to be in Europe in less than two months*. Well, that and my rather large hoard of energetic music. XD

* = or alternatively less than two weeks, though I'm guessing my brother didn't get the official offer in the last couple of weeks because he hasn't let me know one way or the other; I sent him an e-mail a couple of days ago and haven't received a reply yet, and I'm gonna give him a phone call tomorrow, but meanwhile I'm going to assume things are going to go as originally planned and we'll do our European trip in early June, which makes me happy.

Edit: Screw this, I'm going to bed so that I can get at least 4 hours or so of sleep...I'm managing to not nod off but my brain is feeling kinda muddled, and I figure it's probably not best to try to churn out scholarly writing when muddled.
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Well, I'm throwing in the towel for today; though I didn't hit my ideal pagecount, I finished a respectable enough number of pages that I can go to bed without feeling guilty.

And that's in spite of having spent an hour or so surfing Rome tourism sites and London bed-and-breakfast sites, and getting physically homesick for England; when I think that I'll be back there in less than two months at the latest, I feel excited and happy and impatient all at once. Seriously, I have needed this for a while now.

In the meantime, I have some browser tabs I need to close, so without further ado...

Let's Positive Linking, Making Up for Lost Time Edition!
- Enjoy this fanfiction, featuring Princess Peach x Wendy O. Koopa. (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, of course.) Not only is it a rather sweet and fuzzy yuri fic, but it also contains discussion of their respective female reproductive systems. A note to the author: 1) I never needed to know about Princess Peach's first period in graphic detail, and 2) I'm fairly certain turtles don't actually go into heat, bad TMNT smutfic to the contrary.
- MadTV takes on Heroes. Highly amusing if you've seen the series, and no real spoilers if you're past like episode 4. (The Niki/Jessica bit is especially hilarious, because that's TOTALLY what I'd do if I had an evil mirror twin.)
- Strawberry margaritas are now a health food. I believe the proper reaction that is OMG FUCKING WAHOO, but then I also enjoy frozen strawberry margaritas frequently.
- Which is worse: eating still-squirming octopus tentacles, or eating whole (but miniature) live octopi? (From [livejournal.com profile] rathershady.) Honestly, I can't decide, except I'm pretty firmly on the side that NO SQUIRMING TENTACLES ARE GOING IN MY MOUTH KTHX.
- Metal Giko Solid...quite possibly the pinnacle of ASCII art. (Seriously, this shit is kind of amazing.)
- Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job? (From [livejournal.com profile] sixteenbynine.) This isn't the conspiracy you're looking for~
- God of War II European launch party features decapitated goat, offal-eating. Animal rights activists, and people with taste, understandably protest. (Nevertheless, there's a small part of me that thinks that is hella cool, and certainly more historically accurate than canapes.)
- Speaking of wacky Europeans, Scottish Queen's Guards are videotapes half nude, spanking each other and grabbing each other's willies. Of course, The Sun is there. (Where would we be without tabloids?)
- Finally, a SomethingAwful Photoshop Phriday that's actually consistently good. The assignment? To create an 70's exploitation-style grindhouse movie poster for any film. All of 'em are at least decent, and some are GREAT.
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My second presentation is done and over with; I think it sucked even more than presentation #1, to be honest (not even taking into account the 30-minute battle with the tech cart to get the computer/projector working beforehand, which unfortunately disrupted class quite a lot). I guess I wasn't entirely certain what the prof wanted out of it? I mean, I feel like I didn't maybe do enough to talk about trends between the various adaptations, but honestly it's kind of hard to draw parallels between a movie featuring a Playboy Playmate and a children's book featuring Wishbone, despite technically having a common source material, so everything I came up with was pretty general, like mentioning how most adaptations seemed to want to give Beowulf - or Grendel, if he is the main character - a love interest, which is inevitably interesting given the scarcity of women in the story. (...oh god, I shouldn't have said that, now my brain is conjuring up Beowulf/Grendel/Hrothgar OT3 slash. MY KINGDOM FOR BRAIN-BLEACH.) It also didn't help that I kind of slagged off a movie that it turns out my prof really likes, eheheheh. (I don't think I used the word "sucktastic" to refer to it in during my presentation. I don't think...)

But the important thing is that it is over! Now all I have left this semester is getting my Beowulf paper done (or mostly done) this weekend, and then full-time on my seminar paper. Today I spent a while at the library looking through books and finding more possible sources for said seminar paper. But tonight I'm not doing much of anything except going to the reading of my officemate who's graduating with her MFA from the Nonfiction program in a couple of weeks.

Also, as a reward for finishing presentation hell week, I got myself a copy of Heat magazine (the imported British version, natch). It's a trashy British tabloid (sort of like Hello! or OK!) It's been forever since I read it - pretty much since my flatmates Rachel and Fran, who bought it regularly, moved out after the first semester of my year in England - but gosh, I had not realized how much I missed completely trashy British celeb gossip (which I think tends to be way snarkier than US celeb gossip).

...I think my Anglophilia has reached critical mass in preparation for my European vacation. orz
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Well, one presentation down for the week (which sucked, but honestly I'm beyond caring), one to go...specifically, tomorrow afternoon I have to give my presentation on modern appropriations of Beowulf. I was hoping to hear back on whether I'd have a DVD cart tomorrow by 5 today, but I didn't...hopefully they'll let me know early tomorrow whether I will or won't, so that I know whether I need to try to hunt up something else or just forgo visual/audio aids altogether (though I sincerely feel that at the very least I HAVE to play part of one of the musical songs, and ideally I'd like to show a snippet of Grendel, Grendel, Grendel's pastel-colored crack as well).

Also, I just remembered that I should probably do our regular translation for tomorrow as well, eheheheh...fortunately it's not too long (only 70 lines) so it shouldn't kill me time-wise.

In other news, the scheduling for my and my brother's European vacation is now up in the air. We were originally looking at sometime in June or July, after my three-week summer class, but my brother (who's been applying to new jobs so that he can move back to Kansas City) was just informed by one of the places he applied to that they want to hire him, and would want him to start within four weeks or so of their offer. Even the earliest date we were looking at, in June, would still put him at six weeks before he could start work with them. Now if they wait a couple of weeks to make their official offer, we'll be fine as things stand; however, if they don't, we'd probably need to go earlier than that.

So he asked me what the absolute earliest date I could do was, and I poked around on ISIS and double-enrolled in another, more normally scheduled summer class (specifically, Kathleen Diffley's doctoral workshop). I'm double-enrolled now - obviously I'll drop whichever class I end up not taking - but that means I could have those three post-finals weeks in May free. My brother said that would work great, but the only London-to-Rome tour that would fit into that schedule would take place May 17th through 27th.

So I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. It looks like this may be the only way my brother and I can do our trip, and as a bonus it would not only be cheaper - as May is still off-season, I guess - but it makes me ecstatic to think of being in Europe in less than a month, and this final crunch period of the semester would be much easier to bear with that in mind. On the other hand, I just RSVPed a couple of days ago for the wedding of my friend and former W.C. coworker Janie, which is scheduled for May 26th, and I want to go so that I can see her and my other W.C. peeps (especially since Janie was the only one I didn't get to see when I was home over Spring Break).

I hope they take a couple of weeks to make the offer and so we can go with our original plan of early June, and that way I can both go to Europe and go to Janie's wedding. Otherwise, I will HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE AUGH WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Let's Positive Linking!
- It's sad that this is happening in 2007. I mean, it's great that they finally integrated the prom (though why is there still a need for a "white prom," then?) but it's only like 50 years overdue.
- Final Fantasy XIII no longer PS3-exclusive. (This is old news, I guess, but I hadn't heard.)
- My Little PH-tan. This manages to be both ridiculously awesome and mildly creepy. Much like Robbie the Rabbit. XD
- Wow, this is one of the gayest music videos ever. (From [livejournal.com profile] naruto_nerd.) It's an oldie from 1979, but it nevertheless manages almost to outgay the Village People.
- What the fuck? Honestly, why in the hell would this teacher get fired? It sounds like he didn't really do anything at all objectionable, except physically acting out how someone with a gun could have stopped things earlier (which might be slightly tasteless, and I disagree with him that that is the solution to the problem, but whatever). It's especially bad since it sounds like he didn't even really get much of an explanation as to why he was fired.

...man, I'm finishing up the Christopher Lambert Beowulf right now, and it is so bad it awes me. It's actually a lot like the Mortal Kombat movie, only with worse writing (if such a thing is possible). It's like suck squared, then squared again. SUCK TO THE INFINITE POWER


Apr. 12th, 2006 12:28 pm
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For some reason, I keep listening to this song over and over. You wouldn't think the ending song from an anime about gay shota incest (Papa to Kiss in the Dark) would be so cheerful, but then you'd be wrong! :D

Also, earlier this morning the GetBackers opening theme song ("Love That Never Wavers") came on as I was having an IM conversation with my friend Colin from England, and I suddenly had this visceral sensory memory of sitting in my room in Middle Mill, watching GB fansubs on my laptop in the middle of the day with the sun shining in through the curtains. That, of course, led to a cascade of more of the same type of sensory memories - sitting on a picnic blanket in Fairfield Park with Min-Hee, going to the Odeon with Col and Min, shopping at the Borders with the 300-year-old staircase, etc. - and nostalgia suddenly gripped my gut like a vise grip. It has yet to let go.

...When I met with the DGS yesterday, she said I should look at doing research abroad (i.e., England, given my specialty/ies) during the summers, and I think I may do that next summer. It's been far too long since I've been to England.

Let's Positive Linking!
- Best IMDB entry EVAR.
- Man files complaint against Easter Bunny. That damn evil bunny, when will he be stopped?
- Dog-Gone gas neutralizing thong. (All from [livejournal.com profile] surlykitty.) But how will people blame it on the dog now?
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Last night I had the weirdest dream. I only remember the last little bit of it before I woke up this morning.

it lies within, if you DARE )

...Is it sad that now that I've discovered that Tanya Huff has an LJ, I totally want to friend her except I'm afraid I'd seem like a creepy fanboy? (Though I guess I totally am; not creepy - I hope - but a fanboy.) Though the fact that she likes both Charles de Lint AND Joss Whedon shoots her way up in my estimation (and she was already pretty high in it).

Also, I just joined [livejournal.com profile] antiacademia, a community for grad students to vent. And now I'm sitting here like AUGH WHAT HAVE I LET MYSELF IN FOR? And given my shyness and less-than-social tendencies, why did I choose to enter a profession that centers around interpersonal relationships and public speaking? AUGH.

Nice rack

Jun. 20th, 2005 11:16 am
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Well, yesterday was Father's Day, and so my mom and I feted my stepdad Ben for most of the day. My mom took us (as a Father's Day present) to a relatively new place just a few blocks away on Troost called Grace: A Bistro on the Edge. (Edge of what? Troost [the racial dividing line in KC]? Sanity? Who knows?) It was actually a really nice place, a very pleasant and pretty breakfasterie given that it was on Troost. It wasn't too expensive, either. The waiter did seem to think he was Jay Leno, though - he kept up a constant stream of (not all that good) patter. But he was nice.

After that, we took Ben to a scrapbooking shop at Town Center Plaza because he's been thinking he'd like to get into scrapbooking as a hobby. (And it is perfect for him: he saves EVERYTHING and loves nostalgia and the past, so we're hoping if he's able to save and catalog the things he wants to keep, he won't be as much of a pack rat to save everything else.) He got a couple of beginner books about scrapbooking on sale, and then I took us (as a Father's Day present) to the Elephant Bar for sunch (lupper?). Then we saw that Organized Living, which shares a parking lot with Elephant Bar, was having a going out of business sale, so we stopped in for a little bit and I got a sexy spice rack for my apartment. :D

...Since I seem to be unable to write an LJ entry without mentioning the Scientologist goodness of Tomkat, here's something that makes Tom Cruise seem like a creepy ass - Tom Cruise got punk'd British TV-style...and got the pranksters arrested.

And while on the subject of Britain, here's an article about happy-slapping yobs. It just amuses me because I bet the "major mall near London" (you know, the one that's banned hoodies) is Bentall Centre in Kingston. XD

Edit: Debbie Harry schools Paris Hilton. :D


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