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Historically authentic sexism in fantasy? Let's unpack that

This is an interesting and thought-provoking article about the role of women in fantasy and about the idea that misogynist fantasy worlds are somehow "historically accurate" and therefore should be taken for granted. Mostly I find it hilarious how people are all for "historical accuracy" when deciding to make their fantasy society horrifically misogynist, but somehow they don't worry about that in any other area of their worldbuilding. Apparently a society with sentient flying firebreathing lizards who collect sexually inexperienced women and bling is more believable and realistic than a society where women are treated like human beings.

More thoughts, tl;dr )

I live!

Nov. 17th, 2012 11:27 pm
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Wow, it has been a while since I posted here! (Over a year, actually.) I've been mostly active on other sites - primarily Facebook but some tumblr and AO3 - but I've recently found myself thinking a bit about LJ and getting all nostalgic and wanting to get back to it, even as I know that much of the community I loved about LJ has now scattered to the four winds. Sigh. And of course that brought Dreamwidth to mind, which I'm hoping may yet turn out to be the new LJ, community-wise. (Leave my delusions illusions!)

So, I'm figuring I will try to update both this and my LJ more frequently (probably crossposting), as I have met some awesome folks through LJ especially that I don't want to lose.

So what is new in my life? Cut for tl;dr )

So, what's new in y'all's lives over the past year?
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All of y'all who are interested in Megaten and/or the Persona games should check out [personal profile] manticore's new forum for discussion of Persona 2 (and other Megaten games) at The Allegory of Whatever.

(For the record, I will be getting Innocent Sin at some point this week, whenever I can make it out to GameStop.)
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Finally got around to watching Torchwood: Children of Earth (which I bought on Blu-ray when it first came out, but had never actually seen).

This was inspired by watching the first episode of the new series of Torchwood on Starz, which was surprisingly good (you must remember that the last time I saw the show, it was during season 1, when their idea of exciting drama and action was random bisexual affairs and cyborg women being slathered with barbecue sauce to attract pterodactyls). I’d kept up with what happened in the canon through seasons 2 and CoE, but hadn’t actually watched them.

I’d heard CoE was when the series had gotten legit good, though, so after this I figured I’d give it a try. Holy crap, but it actually was good! As I said to someone, Torchwood is now the kind of show that I would actually recommend to other people unreservedly (as opposed to being all “well, it’s worth watching because it’s often so-bad-it’s-good, but you have to cut it some slack on that ridiculousness because sometimes it really does have good moments!”).

Anyway, my thoughts (only slightly spoilery):

that was pretty sweet )
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So Friday night I went to a Bo Burnham show at the Englert Theatre, which was pretty awesome. For those of you unfamiliar with Bo, he got his start as a YouTube teen musical comedian, sort of like a jailbait Daniel Tosh meets Stephen Lynch. He's now 20, and has had two Comedy Central specials. Anyway, in spite of the fact that, thanks to his offensive humor, he has a gigantic appeal to douchey fratboys and shrieking sororitards (like the aforementioned Tosh), I really like his stuff and figured I'd rec him here.

The video above is his attempt at hip-hop, which is kind of hilarious to me. His music tends to go more like this (musings on love invoking Anne Frank and JFK) or this (lots of dirty math puns).
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New Tactics Ogre PSP prologue video! It...appears they have gone the War of the Lions route and indeed introduced the Ivalician lisp. This only really irritates me because it's pretty clear they're removing the whole Goetic demon naming theme (Hierophant "Balbatos" is the first clue there), which I've always thought was kind of awesome. Still, it looks like it will be fun?

(Squeenix has also released the other prologue video, featuring some of the in-game classes, and a video of the first 11 minutes of the game. Looks like it's shaping up to be awesome, weird translation choices aside!)

Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN for MARIA (and for everyone else):

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OMG LOOKS PRETTY AWESOME, though I notice Jun has been mostly removed, aside from a few nods here and there (and one headless shot of him in school uniform). This makes sense, as would not want to spoil people for the CRAZY AWESOME (and awesome crazy).

Anyway, in honor of this upcoming rerelease (for which more art has come out), I feel it's time to resurrect a long-dormant feature of my LiveJournal over here, which is a takeoff on one of the Persona 2 characters' signature phrases.

Let's Positive Linking: Persona 2 YouTube Edition!
- Durara parody video.
- Trinity Soul parody video. (Why does Baofu have a sunflower for a head?)
- Smooch parody video. SO CUTE.
- Higurashi parody video. Like chocolate and peanut butter.
- Danjo parody video.
- Peke Rush parody video.

Even though I am unfamiliar with most of the source materials to these (aside from Higurashi), I greatly enjoyed them.

Some other awesome videos that are non-Persona related:
- Full Metal Alchemist meets Final Fantasy VI.
- Ouran meets Final Fantasy VI...
- ...and Final Fantasy VII.
- "Sometimes, I'm a SOLDIER. Sometimes, I'm a mental patient. But my true identity is...CLOUD FLASH!"

(BTW, I have now imported all of my LJ posts over here, for the record.)
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Seriously, I have waited for a remake of this game (which presumably will get a US translation this time around) for a decade, no lie. It is my favorite videogame of all time. I've often said that I wanted a remake/rerelease of this game and Tactics Ogre, and now they're both coming up.

Now here's hoping for a similar release of Eternal Punishment!

Edit: Also, have one of the most hilarious summing-ups of grad school I've ever seen.
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A really cute Second Doctor/Jamie McCrimmon fanvid. IT'S CANON, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS
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So after [personal profile] manticore was enthusing about it, I finally read Crazy Girl Shin Bia, a manhwa that is perhaps best described as "the Korean Fushigi Yuugi, if Miaka were a badass juvenile delinquent." In other words, you get elaborate clothing, cool ancient architecture, the requisite man-harem, and (unlike FY) you get a heroine who, while she's a bit hotheaded, is generally practical and can mostly take care of herself.

A brief summary )

And things get kinda crazier from there, so it's generally pretty awesome and I recommend it to anyone who likes that sort of crazy shoujo nonsense. You can read it here.
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Well, I'm in the swing of things with calligraphy once again, and in need of some extra practice, so...if any of y'all would like to receive something small that's hand-calligraphed and wax-sealed in the mail, comment here (they're being screened, so you can leave your address if I don't already have it) and let me know!

If you have any particular text that's only a few lines long, feel free to let me know and I'll calligraph it for you! As I'm currently in a blackletter class, it will probably be done in Bâtarde, a bastard (hence the name) cross of Textura (a formal bookhand) and Gothic cursive (an informal hand). I can also do Textura if you want it (though my Textura is not the greatest), and we'll be doing Gothic cursive in a few weeks if you want to wait, so those are also options if you'd like a particular look.

(I'm posting this to LJ too for those at both sites.)
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Okay, so I'm finally getting around to writing about my recent interest in Natsuhiko Kyogoku. [personal profile] charmian and [personal profile] manticore were raving about his book The Summer of the Ubume, first in the Kyogokudo series, so I picked it up from my university library and gave it a try. Unsurprisingly, given the recommenders, it turned out to be pretty awesome (and pretty disturbing).

The novel is set in post-WW2 Japan and is narrated by freelance journalist Tatsumi Sekiguchi. When he hears an urban legend about a woman whose husband has disappeared, and who has apparently been pregnant for almost two years, he goes to talk about it with his friend Akihiko Chuzenji, the atheist exorcist-slash-used bookstore owner - alias "Kyogokudo," the name of his store. This is just the beginning, and when the pregnant woman's sister visits a private eye who happens to know both Sekiguchi and Kyogokudo, Sekiguchi finds himself being drawn into the case and realizing he has ties to the case in his own past. As the plot thickens - Is the husband missing or dead? Why have babies been disappearing? And why does a psychic keep seeing frog-headed babies? - it's up to Kyogokudo to bring the dirty details to light before anyone else gets hurt or killed.

Some brief spoilery discussion )

One warning: Kyogoku likes long philosophical discussion, especially from the mouth of Kyogokudo (who, as per the name, is clearly an author avatar of sorts, but is more like Rohan Kishibe or Ariadne Oliver than your typical Mary Sue). So just be aware that every once in a while you get a long infodump, but at least it's an interesting one. Honestly, I got caught up in it enough that it was only afterwards that I realized, "hey, that dialogue scene went on for 50+ pages, wow!" So as infodump scenes go, they're pretty good, especially if you're at all into Japanese mythology or philosophy in general.

(Don't worry, though, there's plenty of bizarre shit in there to keep you reading through the infodumps...and plenty of action, even before the climactic WTFSPLOSION scene.)

If this sounds interesting, give the novel a try! You can get it on Amazon here, and once you finish that you can check out the anime based on the sequel, Mouryou no Hako!

(Sadly, when [personal profile] manticore e-mailed Vertical to ask about Mouryou, they replied that they will probably not be translating it due to its length - over 1000 pages in Japanese - but they have said that they may publish later books in the series that are shorter. Still, the adaptation is quite faithful from what I hear from [personal profile] charmian, who is currently reading it in Japanese, so you'll get that patented Kyogoku weirdness in spades.)


Oct. 10th, 2010 12:22 pm
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I've created a community for Natsuhiko Kyogoku fans at [community profile] kyogokudo. Come join if you like his novels, or if it sounds at all interesting to you!
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Happy Twin X, everybody. Here's hoping this is not the year that the Sheltering Sky decides to appear and destroy the world!

Now time to stab a bitch with a tuning fork.
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...this post is brought to you by necrophilia, cannibalism, sodomy, and lulz, all of which were had in the season premiere.


In related news, I have some new icons. XD
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Things that have recently been making me happy that I need to talk more about soon:
- S4 of Chuck (in spite of Olivia Munn)
- S2 of Glee
- Raising Hope, the super-cute new show immediately after Glee
- Natsuhiko Kyogoku's The Summer of the Ubume
- The anime Mouryou no Hako, based on the sequel to Ubume
- Gankutsuou, which [personal profile] manticore finally got me to watch on her recent visit

I've also been watching Running Wilde, in hopes that it will be as good as its predecessor Arrested Development, but sadly it's not. Still, it is cute and mostly okay, and will hopefully improve?

Also I posted a review of a Middle English epic poem full of cannibalism and lulz to [community profile] wtfdidijustread. I may post more reviews of bizarre stuff there (both medieval and non).
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It's been a while...I've been playing more VNs than just Umineko lately, so I figured I'd post about them.

Katawa Shoujo )

Full Circle )

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni )

Future VN goals: catch up on aUmineko (I'm currently in arc 3), finish Higurashi, and play a few others that I've downloaded (Fate/stay night and Narcissu, among others).
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Okay, so I may have squealed like a little girl (literally) when I read last night that Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is being remade for the PSP and brought to North America. Since LUCT is still one of my favorite games of all time, ever, this is amazingly good news for me. They're adding a new character, rebalancing the gameplay (you can now have up to 12 characters in battle, and enemies can have up to 18), giving it a graphical overhaul while still keeping it looking like the original (the battlefields are now in 3D and you can rotate them! Sprites are still squat little SD guys though).

Now, the bad: as you can see from the website, the translation is giving off distinct signs of that Ivalician lisp I remember so well from War of the Lions. While some of the new names are closer to the original Japanese (Dorgalua over Dolgare), others have gratuitous y's, bizarre consonantal shifts and a buttload of consonantal diphthongs (Overis to Oberyth, Zeteginea to Xyteginia [WHAT], Walsta to Walister). Other changes that I'm undecided about: Vice is now "Vyce," Kachua is now "Catiua" (which I really like, actually), and Bacrum and Gargastan are now Bakram and Galgastan.

Honestly, I just don't want them to change the fact that 90% of the characters are named after Goetic demons. If I start seeing "Barbath" and "Andrath" and "Folcath," I am gonna have to cut a bitch.

Edit: More info can be found on the main English Tactics Ogre fansite discussion forum, and here's clear versions of the various Famitsu screenshots (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tastystirfry).

Edit 2: Comparisons of the original with the update, graphically speaking.
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Partway through chapter 3 of Umineko no Naku Koro ni (just found out about Kuwadorian), and is it wrong that spoilers for Battler's romantic prospects )

Anyway, since I didn't really pimp it in my last post, I would definitely recommend Umineko to a lot of you on the flist who may be unfamiliar with it (especially with the less weeaboo of you).

Essentially it's a visual novel of the family drama-slash-murder mystery-slash-logic game (with possibly paranormal elements?) genre with hilarious characters and awesome music. Basically, as it's a visual novel your interaction is limited and primarily mental - your physical interaction mostly consists of clicking to advance the text - so it's not really a video game per se. However, it's still pretty gripping.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ("When the Seagulls Cry") follows a hotheaded, boob-loving 18-year-old guy named Battler, who's returning to the island owned by his wealthy family, the Ushiromiyas - the island of Rokkenjima - for the first time in six years. While there with his father and stepmother, he is reunited with family members he hasn't seen in years - his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandfather - and family servants. When a legend that the family received its wealth from the Golden Witch Beatrice in his grandfather's day resurfaces during the family meeting, stirring up discontent among relatives fighting over grandpa's inheritance, things get bad. When a typhoon closes the island off from the outside world for two days, things get worse. When people start dying, the shit really hits the fan, and no one knows who will survive - or whether anyone will - until the typhoon ends and the seagulls once again begin to cry.

The game is divided into "chapters," each of which tells the story of these two days slightly differently. The series revolves around the "for want of a nail" trope; the appearance of an extra person on the island before the meeting begins, for example, or the choice of a character to go to the guest house instead of the main house means that events change, and different people die at different times (or even survive). After the first chapter a framework arises into which all the later chapters fall - a contest of logic, how that logic can be twisted, and of whether the story is a mystery or a fantasy.

Or, to sum it up: It's like Phoenix Wright: Ace Logician with Adell and Rozalin of Disgaea 2, but from the makers of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (so, set in a Groundhog Day loop with frequent violent, horrible death). Alternately heartwarming and gruesome. There's an anime and a manga of it, too - as with Higurashi - but I've heard mixed things about the anime. I can definitely vouch for the game, though!

For those of you who would like to try it out, and don't mind resorting to somewhat illegal methods to do so*, you can find the game available to download here. (Or at least the first four chapters - the "question" arcs - which introduce you to the world and give you all the clues you truly need to solve it, though it won't make it easy. The "answer" arcs are still being released - two have come out so far, with two yet to come out - which will resolve most if not all of the questions raised in the question arcs and give us the solution, as well as presumably an ending for our characters that doesn't involve most/all of them dying horribly.)

The translation can be found here (protip: if you use non-Japanese Windows or Mac, use the translation program to install the game from the CD image).

* If you do object, the translation site has a link to the free demo from the creators' website, which contains the first chapter only.

...Now, I probably need to get back to that paper draft which needs to be sent out tonight...curse my work and its insistence on getting in the way of my fun time!
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Anyway, just finished episode 2 of Umineko, and holy crap but Beato truly is an epic troll, isn't she?

And man but this series truly has some high-octane nightmare fuel, doesn't it?



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