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Holy crap, today I discovered the most awesome place on my way home (temporarily; I have to go back for German in a few hours).

Those of you who are/were longtime IC residents probably know the Bread Garden, the cafe/restaurant famous for its soup, breads and pastries. Well, they've opened a grocery store in the Ped Mall! (Where Tait's Natural Foods used to be; for those of you who haven't been here in a few years and don't know where that is, it's basically part of the ground floor of the new office building next to the library that was under construction when I came in 2005.)

So I was pleased to discover that not only do I now have a small grocery store on the way home from campus again, but this time it's exactly the kind of grocery store I would wish for if I had a choice. Like Tait's did, it has lots of organic/healthy/high-dollar but high-quality items; unlike Tait's, it also has "regular" food (i.e., brands like Doritos and Coke and Breyer's and the like, with commensurate pricing). So basically I can stop both to buy the unhealthy things I like (Pringles, pop, etc.) but also to get healthy/nice items to cook actual food.

I think some will be leery because Tait's died a death of attrition, basically because it was trying to do what the New Pioneer Co-op (our local crunchy granola organic/healthy/high-dollar but high-quality items co-op) does. But for a while it really did fill a needed niche in that it basically served as a neighborhood grocery for people in the area; it died mostly because it didn't offer anything to fit student budgets. That's not the problem with this place; not only can you get the nice $5 organic brats, but you can also get the $3.50 Johnsonville beer brats as well, and for a lot of things it has both "regular" and organic/nice versions.

So basically, while Iowa City doesn't have enough crunchy granola people to support two organic grocery stores, I think it does have enough crunchy granola people and students who walk to campus to support a neighborhood market that offers both cheap and nice varieties of food. I'm hoping it will survive, and perhaps even expand the organic/quality food market (Tait's certainly seemed to; the Co-op said their membership rose after Tait's opened, which I can only put down as more availability of nice organic food leading to more consumers of it, and the Bread Garden Market may do the same).

Also, the coup de grace: like Tait's did (and unfortunately the Co-op doesn't), THEY HAVE KING ARTHUR BREAD FLOUR, HOO-YAH
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Yay, my Overstock package came today!

...though I kinda wish it had held off a day, because I find myself casting lustful looks at Digital Devil Saga 2 and The Wizard of London, but I CAN'T PLAY/READ THEM because I have a paper/presentation due tomorrow that I have to finish, not to mention the last 200 pages of Mansfield Park. x_x

I AM listening to my new Angel score soundtrack - "Live Fast, Die Never" - and enjoying it immensely. I loved the music in that series, and I only wish they'd release a score soundtrack for Buffy too (so far they've only had a couple of bonus tracks on the musical album and a couple on the normal soundtrack album). They even include some demon karaoke! :D

In my neverending quest to break brains (and spurred on by [livejournal.com profile] jokersama's shining example) I proffer to you Homestar Runner pr0n.

Let's Positive Linking, Political Edition!
- In case of disaster, save rich people first! I'd like to see this bigot try to make it by on $5.50 an hour. (From [livejournal.com profile] ahebert.)
- Onion: Dick Cheney dropped by White House HMO. IF ONLY. Maybe then he'd be a little more sympathetic and less assy. (From [livejournal.com profile] ryuusama.)
- Kid's class project on the Bill of Rights gets the Secret Service called in. Featuring your friendly quisling neighborhood Wal-Mart! (From [livejournal.com profile] jantalaimon.)
- Man passes counterfeit $200 bill. What I find funny is that the cashier TOOK IT. We are talking about someone seriously gifted here, folks. XD

Edit: *looks at subject line* Hmmm, looks like someone was predicting Season 4 in their song. XD

Nice rack

Jun. 20th, 2005 11:16 am
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Well, yesterday was Father's Day, and so my mom and I feted my stepdad Ben for most of the day. My mom took us (as a Father's Day present) to a relatively new place just a few blocks away on Troost called Grace: A Bistro on the Edge. (Edge of what? Troost [the racial dividing line in KC]? Sanity? Who knows?) It was actually a really nice place, a very pleasant and pretty breakfasterie given that it was on Troost. It wasn't too expensive, either. The waiter did seem to think he was Jay Leno, though - he kept up a constant stream of (not all that good) patter. But he was nice.

After that, we took Ben to a scrapbooking shop at Town Center Plaza because he's been thinking he'd like to get into scrapbooking as a hobby. (And it is perfect for him: he saves EVERYTHING and loves nostalgia and the past, so we're hoping if he's able to save and catalog the things he wants to keep, he won't be as much of a pack rat to save everything else.) He got a couple of beginner books about scrapbooking on sale, and then I took us (as a Father's Day present) to the Elephant Bar for sunch (lupper?). Then we saw that Organized Living, which shares a parking lot with Elephant Bar, was having a going out of business sale, so we stopped in for a little bit and I got a sexy spice rack for my apartment. :D

...Since I seem to be unable to write an LJ entry without mentioning the Scientologist goodness of Tomkat, here's something that makes Tom Cruise seem like a creepy ass - Tom Cruise got punk'd British TV-style...and got the pranksters arrested.

And while on the subject of Britain, here's an article about happy-slapping yobs. It just amuses me because I bet the "major mall near London" (you know, the one that's banned hoodies) is Bentall Centre in Kingston. XD

Edit: Debbie Harry schools Paris Hilton. :D
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Well, you've probably heard by now, but Tom and Katie are engaged after a shockingly cliche trip to the Eiffel Tower. And she's not at all brainwashed by Scientology-fu into being a beard for Tommy-boy, oh no. Here's hoping their union will be looked upon kindly by the disembodied spirit of L. Ron. *shudder*

Today my parents and I went to Higginsville to visit my dad's marker at the veterans' cemetery there. It's a peaceful spot, and kind of nice. (I do kind of wonder about the person a few markers down who had "A Prodigal Son" on his marker. Sounds like his parents were pissed off at him and pursued the vendetta unto death and beyond.) Afterwards, we went to the Ole Time Cafe in Higginsville, which I know I've posted about before and which has the BEST OLD-FASHIONED HOME-COOKIN' FOOD EVAR ZOMG.

Once we got back to KC, we went to JoAnn's because my stepdad is thinking of taking up scrapbooking and I wanted to get some fabric for my mom to make floor pillows and curtains for me to take to Iowa. Also, JoAnn's was having a dynamite sale yesterday and today, and so we picked up some really nice stuff for a steal. (Beautiful heavy glass votive candleholders in pretty summer colors for .25 each = TEH WIN.) Honestly, though, I just love craft stores in general. It probably helps that I've dabbled in just about every craft you can think of at one time or another. x_x

(No, seriously, if you name it I've probably done it. Except tatting - I never quite got into tatting.)

Let's Positive Linking!
- What a beautiful example of the abysmal nadir of journalism. Neil Gaiman tears her a new one (but nicely) for it on his blog.
- Human cannonball fired for fear of flying. I bet Erica Jong would have something pithy to say about it.
- The most recent FameTracker Galaxy of Fame. I link to it solely for the "Oh my God, it's funny because it's TRUE!" value of the following paragraph:

"Hi, I'm Angelina Jolie. You know what's wrong with this country? I can kiss my brother on the mouth and wear my husband's blood around my neck and tell a magazine I'm sleeping with two men and three women and a knife all at the same time and everyone kind of raises an eyebrow and shrugs. And yet, I'm tenuously linked to one pretty-boy, kind of dumb movie star and the entire nation grinds to a halt and goes apeshit. Seriously, you people need to get your voyeuristic priorities straightened out. Weirdos."

...In a complete non sequitur, I don't understand how guys can go commando in jeans. Maybe I'm weird this way, but in my opinion (and experience) bare genitals plus rough, toothed metal zipper is at best uncomfortable, and at worst downright painful. I suppose it might work better with button-fly jeans, but it would still be hella uncomfortable. :(


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