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So after [personal profile] manticore was enthusing about it, I finally read Crazy Girl Shin Bia, a manhwa that is perhaps best described as "the Korean Fushigi Yuugi, if Miaka were a badass juvenile delinquent." In other words, you get elaborate clothing, cool ancient architecture, the requisite man-harem, and (unlike FY) you get a heroine who, while she's a bit hotheaded, is generally practical and can mostly take care of herself.

Basically, a modern-day Korean jjang (which according to Enki means "the best fighter in a school") named Shin Bia gets whisked into another world to replace that world's Shin Bia, the Celestial Maiden, who gets killed the day before she's to marry the Crown Prince in an assassination plot. In the process of taking the historical Shin Bia's place, she manages to build a harem of the surly-jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold Crown Prince Yoo-Baek, his sensitive and kind younger brother Yoo-Hui, and the hostage prince from a rival kingdom-slash-assassin, the manskanky Mu-hyeong. There's also plenty of court politics, including some great backstabby catfighty scenes between Shin Bia and Yoo-Hui's mother, the head concubine, who hired Mu-Hyeong in his assassin persona to kill the original Shin Bia so that Yoo-Baek couldn't become king (since if the king can't marry his chosen Celestial Maiden, his reign won't last more than a year) so that Yoo-Hui would have to become king. Yoo-Hui is actually very friendly with his half-brother and does not want this to happen, which makes it more interesting. And then Mu-Hyeong has motives of his own for working with the head concubine, since he wants his country of Ah Jin to be able to escape the reign of the Ju kingdom in which he's held hostage.

And things get kinda crazier from there, so it's generally pretty awesome and I recommend it to anyone who likes that sort of crazy shoujo nonsense. You can read it here.


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