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Wow, I've been feeling really grumpy on and off (and more on than off) today. D:

It's probably because of a combination of a headache, my stomach trying to devour itself, and being lower on sleep than I'd like. And I'd really like to take an Aleve and go to bed early today, but as I have a seminar paper due Friday, that's not so much an option. (The deadline has technically been moved to Sunday, but as I'm spending all day Saturday helping proctor an engineering test, working on it over the weekend isn't really an option; and given that a good portion of my Friday is going to be spent looking at an apartment, teaching, and then going to the prep session for the engineering thing - and given that I'm actually going to have to go to bed on time that night, since I have to be in to help proctor at 6:30 on Saturday morning - I pretty much have to finish my paper tonight and tomorrow. (If I don't, then I'll probably have to skip German class on Thursday - and I can't really afford to miss again - to finish it, augh.)

Anyway! Since any content I posted this evening was gonna be angsty emo shit, I figure I'll spare y'all the whining and give you bizarre linkspam instead. :D

Let's Positive Linking!
- OMG BEST HOT FUZZ SLASHFIC EVAR...as you will discover when you read to the end. (From [livejournal.com profile] nibantan.)
- Also from Puu, MTV Cribs: NICU. This is bitchy but hilarious, and it was even more hilarious when Puu explained the few medical references that I was missing to me.
- And one last Puu-link (she brings all the awesome medical links to the yard): the smallest girl in the world due to primordial dwarfism. I wonder whether she has to wear doll clothes, or what. But she totally looks like a Gelfling. D:
- The Napkin Musical. I think I've posted links before from Improv Everywhere - which basically does large scale rehearsed performances everywhere (so not very improv, but still). In this case, they decided to stage a impromptu musical in the food court of a mall as if it were real...the resulting song is hardly Sondheim-caliber, but it's still highly amusing.
- Wanna give Radical Honesty a try? Warning: everyone else will, rightly, think you are a douchebag. Nevertheless, I think there are some good aspects of this; it would be nicer if people were more honest about expectations and such, since there's an awful lot of mind-reading that seems to be expected from life. D:
- The coolest cafe ever. I wish it were still around, it looks like a kind of awesome place. XD
- Hannah Montana really is going to bring about the downfall of civilization. Personally I'm waiting for the Disney Channel movie I WAS A TEEN TERRORIST starring Zefron.
- The Five Most Ill-Conceived Action Figures of All Time. I'd protest what they said about He-Man, but really he is pretty gay. XD
- Also from Cracked.com, The Twenty-Five Most Disturbing Sex Toys Ever. Most of these are indeed pretty horrifying, though I think the sounding device was the worst. (If you don't know what sounding is, don't ask me, just DON'T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH IT.)
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Rant about obnoxious vegans )

This was sparked by discussion on this ONTD post; yes, I know ONTD is the armpit of LJ, and that sanity is SO not a requirement to post there, but it really just brought up some issues that had been irritating me offline for a while.

Edit: Also, I just got a sales call that assumed I only spoke Spanish and asked for a "Jose Rodriguez." STEREOTYPING FOR THE LOSS.

What's even funnier is that my mom sometimes gets this too, despite not being Mexican except in last name (she didn't change it when she divorced my dad). Though to be fair her Spanish is better than mine - i.e., it exists - and because while she was married to my dad they actually spent a lot of time with his family, she probably makes a better Mexican than I do, lol.
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You know how good a mood I was in yesterday?

Today was the exact opposite. (You know it's a bad sign when you find the week already making you want to stab yourself in the brain with a Q-tip, and it's only Monday.)

Of course we had our paper topic mini-bibs today, and I feel like mine completely blew and that the prof was only mildly lukewarm about it. I went to talk to her afterwards to make an appointment for Monday, by which time hopefully it will no longer suck. Then I had to deal with my Rhetoric class, who were fine but I really didn't want to have to be "on" to teach when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep, or read something mindless.

Then, after making a dash to the Co-op after office hours for "backup bread" in case mine totally blew (as I hadn't sampled any, wanting to have pristine bread for class this evening), I went to my German class; promptly five minutes in, suddenly a migraine (well, a sinus headache, but it hurts just as bad as the genuine migraines I used to have) started to assail my head. After over an hour and a half of German class with what feels like a baby is teething on the back of my right eyeball, I had to beg off once the actual meal bit started (close to 8, the time class lets out). I think everyone thought I was just being antisocial, and using a headache as an excuse, but really, I had no appetite because my eye just hurt so much I was feeling nauseous and wondering if I'd have to make a run to the restroom in the middle of class to puke.

On the way home, still feeling hurty and queasy and generally crappy, I came to my street. Just having to face the treacherous ice-covered sidewalks on my block actually caused me to start crying in frustration. Now, this is not normal for me, so I can only assume I'm coming down with some kind of plague; usually for a day or two before I get sick with some horrible illness, I'm fussy, whiny, and just generally in a bad mood (at least according to my parents). I also tend to get frustrated easily and cry easily. I tried to keep the whiny bitching to a minimum today...not sure I succeeded.

Now I am going to take some Aleve and try to get some blessed unconsciousness before I have to get up tomorrow and do it all over again. I took pictures of the breads before I took them in, so expect that to go up sometime tomorrow when I have time; I imagine reports of their tastiness or lack thereof will follow after my next German class, since I didn't actually get a chance to sample them myself. D:

Edit: Aaaand my desk chair just broke. Time to go to bed and hope tomorrow will go better. D:
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In directly related news, I hate UPS with the fire of a thousand suns. Not only are they incapable of reading simple notes, let alone following the directions stated on said notes, but they just generally suck balls. They're currently holding two of my packages hostage, and I'm about ready to swear out a fatwa against them. Because I have evening classes the next two days and hence won't be home to receive packages, and of course I can't drive out to the UPS facility to pick the fucking things up. So I'm going to have to call them and see if they will keep my packages until Friday, and either have them redeliver them then (which I'm not thinking they'll do) or find someone who'll take me out to pick them up.

I really wish places would give you the option of how you want something shipped; I would pay EXTRA to get something delivered NOT by UPS. (And it certainly wouldn't be any slower...with UPS' fucking moronic delivery method, and complete inconvenience of their package pickup centers, I'd get fucking USPS Media Mail faster than this shit.)

So...calling UPS tomorrow. If they are not polite and professional and willing to accommodate me, I'mma go ballistic - and while I'm normally pretty laid-back, when I go off I go OFF.

In completely unrelated news, reality reflects crazy Japanese pop culture, take 2. (Take 1, of course, being the kids who attacked/killed their parents who may or may not have been inspired by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.) Sadly, my first reaction was not "oh god, how horrible," but "goddammit, how stupid do you have to be to spell 'desu' wrong?"

And speaking of the wacky Japanese, have some ramen porn. (Worksafe, if not particularly brainsafe.)

...does planning ahead to skip a class tomorrow make me a bad student?
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Today I found on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt that Christopher Eccleston (Nine on Doctor Who, InvisiClaude on Heroes) is in Romania filming the movie version of The Dark is Rising, in which he plays the Black Rider.

Now, some background. The Dark is Rising is the second in a series of young adult fantasy books by Susan Cooper, and also the name of the series. The books alternately center around two sets of children, linked by the mysterious old man Merriman Lyon. He is the adopted great-uncle (known as "Gumerry") to Simon, Jane, and Barney Drew, three ordinary English children who discover an ancient cup. And Merriman also is the oldest of the Old Ones, a group of immortal magicians who serve the Light: in this role he serves as mentor to the youngest and last Old One, 11-year-old Will Stanton. Eventually the two groups of children meet, along with Will's Welsh friend, the orphan Bran (who is of higher parentage than he knows), and a final confrontation between the forces of Light and Dark ensue in the final book. It's full of English and Welsh mythology, and centers around the Arthurian mythos especially.

This series of books was one of my absolute favorites when I was a kid. I still reread them regularly. As you can imagine, the news that they were making a movie, that it was coming out in October, and that it featured Chris Eccleston as the Black Rider (the most visible emissary of the Dark, at least at first) made me gleeful as a kitten. I was a little sad that they weren't starting the series with the first book (Over Sea, Under Stone, which features the Drew chidlren discovering the Holy Grail), but I figured it kind of made sense to start with the most well-known one, so I was okay with it.

Then I looked up more info, and my heart sank.

Spoilers for the new movie, and why it will almost certainly suck D: )

RAGE BUILDING, WANT TO KILL...I swear, if they mess up this movie, I will hunt down the producers and rip out their tracheas (tracheae?). T_T


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