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Finally got around to watching Torchwood: Children of Earth (which I bought on Blu-ray when it first came out, but had never actually seen).

This was inspired by watching the first episode of the new series of Torchwood on Starz, which was surprisingly good (you must remember that the last time I saw the show, it was during season 1, when their idea of exciting drama and action was random bisexual affairs and cyborg women being slathered with barbecue sauce to attract pterodactyls). I’d kept up with what happened in the canon through seasons 2 and CoE, but hadn’t actually watched them.

I’d heard CoE was when the series had gotten legit good, though, so after this I figured I’d give it a try. Holy crap, but it actually was good! As I said to someone, Torchwood is now the kind of show that I would actually recommend to other people unreservedly (as opposed to being all “well, it’s worth watching because it’s often so-bad-it’s-good, but you have to cut it some slack on that ridiculousness because sometimes it really does have good moments!”).

Anyway, my thoughts (only slightly spoilery):

that was pretty sweet )
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Something all you Doctor Who fans on my friendslist should love )

In other Who news, a (reconstructed) AIM conversation between me and [livejournal.com profile] jokersama (aka Puu):

The saga of Miffy )

Now time for a review of the latest episode...spoilers ahoy, natch.

Doctor Who 05x04, The Time of Angels )
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Finally sent off the prospectus for my dissertation to my committee, and will be going in later today to photocopy a hard copy for them. WOOHOO! It took a year to come to fruition, but it's finally here!

Now here's hoping that in that same amount of time that it took to conceive and write these 7 pages (plus bibliography), that I can manage...about 250 pages of actual dissertation. orz

IN OTHER NEWS my digital letterpress class is going swimmingly; I'm currently in the process of making photopolymer printing plates for my first (of two) multi-page book project, which is a short booklet about the Tamam Shud case. Creepy AND informative...the best of both worlds! Anyway, I spent about 3 hours yesterday evening making polymer plates, and I'll probably spend the same amount of time or a bit more today doing the same thing. Here's hoping the end result is awesome enough to justify all this work?

And in OTHER OTHER NEWS I am elated about the return of Glee (Madonna episode tonight, HELL YEAH, BITCHES...and I'm not even a Madonna fan, I just loved Sue Sylvester's Vogue video). Other newly discovered televisual enjoyments have included Spartacus: Blood and Sand (bloody as fuck, but totally awesome), 6teen (from the creators of the Total Drama series, conceived as a teen version of Friends set in a shopping mall SHUT UP I KNOW I'M LAME BUT IT'S KINDA AWESOME), and Ugly Americans (which is wrong but totally awesome, especially zombie roommate Randall; as I was telling [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, it's reminiscent to me of that bizarrely awesome mid-'90's MTV show The Head). And of course there is Doctor Who, which is delightful to have back on regularly (even if "The Merchandising Victory of the Daleks" was a bit lightweight and plot-holey, especially given the awesome premise of Daleks fighting for Britain in World War II).

Finally, I am currently teaching a Rambo novel to my students to round out the semester...how awesome is that? (Clearly we will have to end our discussion of it by viewing clips of all four Rambo films, natch.) Sometimes I love teaching.
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Just finished the newest Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher, Changes...and it was totally awesome, as expected, but wow the author REALLY wasn't lying when he said this was the book that changes everything (as per the title). Also HOLY CLIFFHANGER ENDING BATMAN WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Also why is no one else I know reading these books, sob

Also I have been watching the new Doctor Who! I am greatly enjoying Smiffy as the Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is adorable and awesome.

Highlights, lowlight and nattering about previews for next few weeks )

In other news, I sent off a prospectus draft this past week, and hope to send out the final draft next week. All things going well, I should have it approved and starting the dissertation should be go by the end of the month!
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Yay, new Doctor Who!

My thoughts on "Planet of the Dead":
Spoilers liek whoa, obviously, both for the episode itself and for the trailer afterwards for the Novemberish special )
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ZOMG MOAR WHO SPOILERS, with pictures )

But meanwhile, only one more day till "Planet of the Dead"!

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Okay, seriously, the spoilers that are coming out for the last of the Doctor Who specials are making me gleeful inside in a way that's possibly illegal. I forgive Rusty EVERYTHING (well, except for Floaty!Glowy!Jesus!Doctor, that still brings the lulz in a bad way).

For those who are spoiler-hos like myself, you can find more here (complete with pictures, yay!). My purposely vague thoughts, but that hint at other spoilers )

Discussion of the spoilers on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho is here, complete with discussion of those two other casting spoilers I mentioned purposefully vaguely.
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New companion announced for second 2009 Doctor Who special - spoilers )
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Why did I not discover Tom Baker Says earlier in life? Oh well, at least it has filled a gaping void in my soul that I didn't realize existed, but that could only be filled by hearing Tom Baker's dulcet tones saying various movie quotes, dirty talk and cheesy songs. XD

My thoughts on The Three Doctors, and its extras )
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In which Barbara Wright is revealed to be MADE OF AWESOME, and we have our last proper televised serial before the narrated audio reconstructions start having to be taken into account...

Previous posts:
Season 1: An Unearthly Child | The Daleks

01x03, The Edge of Destruction )

Next time, we get our first missing story (only existing in audio form), and we get our first proper historical (i.e., not involving furry bikinis and raw meat).
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From [livejournal.com profile] jantalaimon: best Doctor Who cosplay EVER (not dial-up friendly, though).

And the bit about scaring the pants off of Jewel Staite, a.k.a. Kaylee on Firefly, is just an awesome bonus.
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Time for another Classic Who post! (Sorry it's been so long since the last one; I meant to finish it over Thanksgiving break, but work has kind of snuck up on me, and also this is a long serial.)

Previous posts:
Season 1: An Unearthly Child

01x02, The Daleks )

Next time, the TARDIS goes crazy and Barbara makes everyone realize her total awesomeness!
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For the Who fans on the flist, the Children in Need snippet from the upcoming Christmas Special is now up on YouTube. Spoilers ) Not much else to say for a two-minute snippet, except that I want more. D:

Edit: And for more of the two Davids, check this awesome Blackpool clip out!
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Catching up on The Sarah Jane Adventures - I just finished "Day of the Clown," and I'm liking Rani and her dad and loving her mom. And in general I'm finding S2 even better, on average, than S1 was.

But you know what never ceases to amaze me about the show? That it's a sci-fi adventure show, and the titular lead is a 60-year-old woman; that's why it would never be made in America, but it's also what gives the show its hefty dose of AWESOME. (Because let's face it, great as Luke, Clyde, Maria and Rani are, Sarah Jane is what makes the show so good.)

Now admittedly, as 60-year-old women go Lis Sladen is pretty spry, and she's aged in that amazingly good way that so many British actresses do that makes you wonder if they've been bathing in virgins' blood (look at this for an example of her generally unchanging look over the years), so she can definitely handle the action required of the role...but still, when you look at the recent pictures of Sladen, and then realize that she's older than the actor who played the First Doctor was when he retired (the one who appeared in my post on An Unearthly Child a couple days ago), it is kind of flabbergasting.

(Also words cannot express how much I am looking forward to upcoming developments on SJA (warning, spoilery). But there has been much squeeing, oh yes, and there will be much more.)
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As many of you know, I'm a massive Doctor Who fan. Old, new, I love it all. However, everything pre-2005 I've encountered out of context, as it were; I've skipped around in my viewing, because Classic Who is released on DVD by story rather than by season. So, in order to get the full effect of plot and character development, I've decided to go through the entire series in order, beginning with the first story ("An Unearthly Child").

My rules for this project:
- I'll watch all episodes in order, even those I've already seen.
- Any stories not yet available on DVD, I'll download the VHS rips and watch those. Any that no longer exist in video form (which is unfortunately a decent number of the First Doctor's stories and a massive amount of the Second's, so quite a few early on) I will listen to in audio format and/or watch in reconstruction.
- As I watch, I'll be reading along in the insanely comprehensive About Time series, which basically has everything you might ever possibly need to know about any and all aspects of each Who episode.
- My reactions will basically consist of my thoughts about the story as a whole, a decently short summary, and some minor picspam. I'll be giving a bit more background in this first one, just because I know a lot of folks on my flist may not be all that familiar with Doctor Who in general and/or Classic Who in particular, and this'll give y'all a place to start in case you want to follow this project and find out more about the series!

So, without further ado, back to the beginning!

01x01, An Unearthly Child )

(For more info on the story, you can check out its Wikipedia entry, and if you'd like to watch the story yourself, it can be found on YouTube; here's a link to the first part of the first episode.)

Next time, The Daleks, featuring the arrival of everyone's favorite pepperpots!

Sci-fi sale

Nov. 8th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Hey, my peeps, Amazon is having a sci-fi DVD sale, and since I know a lot of y'all like the sci-fi, check it out!

The TV-on-DVD sale is possibly the best, especially because you can get the normally obscenely expensive Doctor Who DVDs for just over $50 a season. (Sadly this does not hold true for the upcoming fourth season, which is still quite high but nowhere near the MSRP of $100.)

Edit: Also possibly the best of the myriad Caramelldansen vids I have seen.

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(god this is going to sound so dirty out of context)
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Holy crap, they just added a buttload of Doctor Who stuff to iTunes...all three seasons of the show that have come out on DVD so far, various music, and audiobooks (both NuWho AND Classic Who, whee!).

So, that being said, anyone who's been wanting to give the show a try, now would be a good time, since you can buy a single ep for only $1.99 rather than having to buy a $60 DVD set, or trying to hunt it down at a rental shop/library. (Of course, you could always still download it for free I guess...arrrr, etc.) If you're only going to watch one episode, though, I recommend checking out the season 3 episode "Blink," which is genuinely pretty scary and also just ridiculously awesome. You'll never look at statues the same way again. XD

Also zomg but they have the audiobook novelization of "Robot" read by FREAKING TOM BAKER. If you're gonna have anyone reading aloud to you, Tom Baker is who you want to do it. :D :D :D

Edit: AHAHAHAHA, listen to the free preview samples of the audiobooks narrated by David Tennant. His Jackie Tyler and Donna Noble impressions are SO AWESOME, YESSSSSS I CLEARLY NEED TO BUY THESE
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The depths of my geekery are now truly known. D:
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Okay, my very belated thoughts on the Who finale:

Thoughts on Doctor Who, 'Journey's End,' in which I overuse the word 'awesome' - bigass spoilers, obviously )


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