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Warning: completely arbitrary "best of" list ahoy!

...I figure it's late enough in the PS2's lifespan to look back on the games released for it as a whole. And specifically, my chosen genre of game, the RPG. So, bored and fueled by cinnamon bears, I am making a top ten list of the best PS2 RPGs ever.

My list (spoilers ahoy) )

Okay! Making this post was one of my goals for the weekend; others are making a post about cracktastic yaoi manga (the one I've been promising for like 3 months), posting about how the manga Princess Princess changed my life (...kinda), posting some Old English riddles that [livejournal.com profile] enkiae was asking about, playing a shitload of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, and watching a shitton of Doctor Who (they tried to deliver my megaset today but I was off teaching, so I get to go to the Post Office and pick it up tomorrow, whee!).
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Yesterday, when I picked up my glasses after getting out of the shower, one of the arms fell off - the screw came out and tumbled down somewhere under my bed that I can't get to. I went through the day sans glasses - the only time I'd done so (except for showers/sleeping, of course) since the whole drunken blackout incident while I was in England that prompted me to get this pair of glasses in the first place (having lost my old ones).

It made me kind of nostalgic. Also, headachey.

I went to the mall after class hoping to see if I could get a not-too-expensive new pair ASAP at the glasses place there, but since I couldn't even leave for the mall till after 5, I got there after the eye doctor had left, and so couldn't get an eye exam. Muttering, I went to Target and got one of those glasses repair kits, figuring I'd just fix this pair until I can get new ones (since I AM overdue), but the stupid screws included are either too large or just won't go in. (It doesn't help that you pretty much need three hands - two to hold the two parts of the glasses and a third to screw the screw in - even discounting the problems with trying to get the only screw that IS the right size started it in its threads.) I'm gonna try it again this morning before I leave, but otherwise I'mma go the Harry Potter route and tape it. D:

My other reason for going to the mall was to pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Unfortunately, every place was out, including GameStop. So the mall run did turn out to be a big bust, though I did have a delicious Bennigan's dinner and did pick up Entourage season 2 on the cheap. I liked the first season, and while I certainly don't think it's "ZOMG BEST SHOW EVAR!!!1!" at least now I'll have something to talk about with my more fratboyish students that do. Also Jeremy Piven is full of awesomeness (despite ONTD having shown he is rather badly balding, and uses a toupee to look like he has a full head of hair on the show).

Also, Geoffrey Chaucer takes on Paris Hilton Parys Launcecrona:

GC: Confessioun?

PL: Hotness. My friare-confessour is sooo hotte. Lyk, he beth so hotte that thou nedest to put fowere of the letter t in ‘hotttte.’ Nay, more. Adam Pinkhurste kan nat make a fancie-enow lookynge ‘t’ to convey the temperature of thys franciscan. Caxton hath not t’s enow in hys case of lettres to shewe how hot this friare ys. His in principio is insayne! O, pardon! Ich was so distractede. Ich lyk totallie lost myselfe. Hastow anothir worde for me, man?

In other news, a Catholic priest is distinctly unconvincing at denying that he's gay, and apparently Japan's Agriculture Ministry is not, in fact, in charge of Gundam. D:
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Well, my brother has booked our European vacation sensation. Our itinerary )

Honestly, even though we will be crossing some of the same territory we saw last time we went Eurotripping (during Christmas break of my year in England), I don't mind at all - all the Italian cities are new, and I certainly have no problem seeing Lucerne and Paris again, since I loved both of them last time and there's plenty I didn't see in both cities (and it will be nice to be in Lucerne not on Christmas Day, so things will actually be OPEN). And of course I want to live in England eventually, so even though I've seen lots of London before I know I won't get tired of it (and then I'll hopefully be visiting Colin, so I'll get to see a new part of England too!). I'm not entirely certain where I'll be staying in England, but I've been checking out inexpensive places to stay; fortunately in London you can pretty much get anywhere from anywhere, so it really doesn't matter that much, though for sentimental value I kind of want to stay in Kingston. :D

And BY GOD I AM GOING TO HAMPTON COURT THIS TIME...I lived like 5 minutes away from it for 9 months and was too lazy to go see it until the very end, despite being a huge Tudor freak and it being a major Tudor site. Then at the end ended up not being able to go as I'd planned because I had to leave a week and a half early to go home for my dad's funeral. (Another reason I'm glad I'm going is that it'll be nice to have my most recent memories of England not be sad and tragedy-stricken.)

...In unrelated news, I've finished my Beowulf paper and final (verdict: paper not bad but not fabulously intelligent either, final didn't go great but could have been a lot worse), and now all I have to do is finish my grading for my Rhetoric class and implement the suggestions my prof gave for finishing my seminar paper. The problem, of course, is that my seminar paper is now moving at approximately 1/10000 the speed of molasses. I'm hoping to finish it tonight though, or tomorrow at the latest. (I'm also going to start my grading tonight; it'll be so nice to not have to focus on writing amazingly fabulous comments except for the few who specifically gave me a SASE or asked for comments. ZOMG SO MUCH FASTER.)

Man, I'm so ready for this semester to be over. Unfortunately my summer class starts Monday, and I've already been assigned reading for the first day of class. This is not an auspicious beginning. D:

Let's Positive Linking!
- MadTV does The Wizard of Oz. (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.) Actually quite good; the best part is that the chick playing Dorothy totally has the Judy Garland intonation down, even when she's throttling Glinda or calling the Tin Man a homo. XD
- The opening movie for Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War. ZOMG DO WANT
- Squeenix announces Star Ocean/Star Ocean 2 remakes for PSP, Star Ocean 4 in development. As a confirmed tri-Ace whore, my immediate response was to start salivating like Pavlov's shota dog.
- The most offensive piece of statuary I've seen in a while. Honestly, is this what they think all comic readers want? (Of course we must all be male, because we all know girls CAN'T read comics, and if they do it doesn't count.) Seriously, it's like June Cleaver meets Daisy Duke. Now, MJ is a sexpot, but still! The exposed cleavage, the fact that she's barefoot (though not pregnant, that might prevent her from having a26GGG figure), the VISIBLE THONG, the PEARL NECKLACE...WHAT THE FUCK. (And we're not even going to get into the fact that I'm sure, given the crap Spidey puts that costume through, that I'm sure it's machine washable, and that MJ is practical enough to do so.)
- Bobby Brown claims Osama Bin Laden wants to kill him and marry Whitney Houston. Yes, you read that right. On the plus side, Osama x Whitney would be an AWESOME COUPLE. XD
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Wow, I always forget how important transitions and editing are to paper length; I'd finally given up on about page 12 and said to myself, "Well, I'll turn in the draft as is, I guess; I'll just do a quick edit/polish so that it's not too horrible, add some transitions, and e-mail it to my prof." It didn't turn out to be particularly quick, but it did turn out fruitful - while I'm still not quite done with the edit/transitions, I have gone from barely 11 pages to 12 1/2 through the edits/transitions alone. I'm betting I'll be on page 13 by the time I finish this edit. And wow, but it makes me feel quite productive. XD

As you can tell I didn't get it done by noon as originally planned, orz

In the meantime, apparently Vaan from Final Fantasy XII is secretly Osama bin Laden.

Edit: Also, apparently the author of the Babysitters Club books is a lesbian. Does that mean Kristy x Mary Anne is now canon? 'Cause, you know, I always wondered...

Edit 2: Draft done and turned in, woohoo! Now I can actually shower and shave for the first time in like three days (haha, I know...eww) and then go get some supper and relax before spending tomorrow on Beowulf stuff. :D :D: D
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For those of you who may have doubted that Final Fantasy XII was going to be awesome, this should prove you wrong.
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The sucky thing about having people visit when you're finally used to living on your own? Because then you get used to having other people around again, and then they leave and you're all, "well, GREAT. Now I'm lonely. >_<"

Anyway, my folks left today. In order to distract myself, I gave the "twelve characters" meme another try (LJ ate the first one). So, here goes.

First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions.
You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

My picks:
1. Cliff Fittir (Star Ocean Till the End of Time)
2. Ginji Amano (GetBackers)
3. Tatsuya Suou (Persona 2)
4. Flonne (Disgaea)
5. Maya Amano (Persona 2)
6. Anya (Buffy)
7. Jun Kurosu (Persona 2)
8. Katsuya Suou (Persona 2)
9. Jack Russell (Radiata Stories)
10. Cordelia Chase (Buffy/Angel)
11. Lilah Morgan (Angel)
12. Ban Mido (GetBackers)

And my answers )

In other retarded fannish news, I finally watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Goddammit, Squeenix, you should have at least bought me dinner first so that I could respect myself in the morning. I feel so...used.

More specific impressions, with spoilers )

Anyway, some links that are appropriate to go along with the above review - a delightful movie poster for Advent Children, and a set of parody subtitles for AC as well. (Both are from the delightful [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.)


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