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Damn BPAL, they really know how to get me to buy smelly stuff. They've just introduced a frickin' Chaucer scent (Parlement of Foules). That's cheating! >F

Anyway, because I'm sure y'all were waiting with bated breath for me to pick up with the BPAL reviews again, here ya are!

BPAL: The Hesperides )

BPAL: Gluttony )

BPAL: Cerberus )

Anyway, classes start up again tomorrow (well, today now, I guess, since it's after midnight). Fortunately I have a very good schedule this semester - no classes before 1 p.m. and Fridays off, though I do have evening classes Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, I'd probably still better get to bed so that I can get my full ten hours before having to go in to class. So I will leave you with links!

Let's Positive Linking!
- Apparently the Brain (from Pinky and the Brain) was based on Orson Welles. Which homage I'd never realized before but now wonder how in the hell I missed it. XD
- A funny-ass song that anyone who's ever dated a gamer will find extra-hilarious. It starts off slow, but by the end I was laughing my ass off. (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.)
- Even though the Donner Party is famous for cannibalism, apparently the Donner family itself didn't practice it. Which is good to know, I guess.
- Jack Thompson wants to ban Sims 2. Because apparently it provides a playground for pedophiles and has realistically rendered genitalia under the blur. (Which, no. I've seen screenshots with the anti-blur patch, and the Sims look like Ken and Barbie dolls.) Lord, what fools these zealots be...
- On the other side, here's a negative review of Narnia that bashes it for being too Christian. I have no problem with it bashing Narnia per se, or even for disliking the "religious themes," it's just that it seems kind of shriekingly, aggressively, reactionarily atheistic. It's like the moment this person heard that the writer intended it to be a Christian allegory, a little siren in her head turned on blinking "warning, belief approaching - FIRE TORPEDOES!" Especially when her main complaint is "C.S. LEWIS WAS CHRISTIAN AND THEY'RE PROMOTING THIS MOVIE IN CHURCHES!" Which, y'know, are both true, but kind of irrelevant to the movie itself.
(And really, as religious allegory it's kinda piss-poor - not only did I not notice it when I first read them as a kid, but even now I'm like, "wait, but if Aslan is Jesus how does that work if he's already the great king of the forest? Shouldn't he be like a lamb or a mouse or something meek?" So I don't quite understand how this reviewer got "OH MY GOD THEY'RE INCULCATING CHILDREN WITH EVIL CHRISTIAN VALUES" because, seriously, if that's the case? They're shockingly incompetent.)
...Also, according to this article 43% of Britons don't know what Easter celebrates. :O
- And while we're on the subject of assy critiques, here's one of a Jewish comic book that takes the opportunity to slam ALL graphic novels. Because apparently graphic novels are INCAPABLE of being an art form, despite the fact that they're combining words and pictures, both of which can be an art form on their own. I guess there must be some kind of chemical reaction when they come together that emits anti-artistic or possibly death rays, that's the only explanation I can come up with for such sheer idiocy.
- And finally on the "stupid review" front, here's a review from Orson Scott Card of Aeon Flux. The entire article is about how Aeon Flux is too much like the video game it's based on, which makes for a bad movie, and then moves out to a criticism of video games in general (though he does give props to Katamari Damacy). There's only really one problem with it: AF is not based on a videogame, but on a series of MTV shorts from the early (mid?) 90s. ...It's called research, Orson, you might wanna look it up. (And yes, I realize the logical problem inherent in that sentence.)
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For some reason I'm feeling very nostalgic today - not for anything in particular, really, just for about everything. It's kind of a weird feeling, because normally I can put a specific name to nostalgia - like "oh, remember England?" or "oh, I remember that trip to Memphis!" But now it's just kind of a generalized nostalgia for all of my various past experiences. It's weird.

In related news, I just put together a ginormous playlist of all my '80s (and a little '70s) soft-rock. It is the AWESOME PLAYLIST OF DOOM! *insert silent squeeing here*

Okay, um, today was kinda eventful. I was part of a theory study group looking at the exam questions for our final, then Amy (one of Ben's friends who lives up here) took me out grocery shopping and to get some boots so that I'm a little more snow-ready. Afterwards, we picked my truck up from the shop and took it home. But having spent all day around other people, I'm feeling kinda lonely. But I keep telling myself that I'm getting ready to go home next weekend and spend most of a month around other people, so I should enjoy the solitude while I've got it. XD

Let's Positive Linking!
- Gay marriage passes in Britain, yay! Hahaha, the Pink Pound. XD
- Crimes against kids increasing in Japan. I like how even though their crime rate has risen 50% in the last four years, that just means they're up to 30 murders a year. FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.
- The straight dude's guide to Brokeback Mountain. (From [livejournal.com profile] firestorm717.) *refrains from a South Park "gay cowboys eating pudding" joke because they've all been made in the months since this movie was announced*

Edit: Remember the Escapist article I linked to a couple days back? Well, the author has put up a response to the criticisms, and it makes him sound like even MORE of a smug, pretentious fuck. If the Escapist article was irritating, this will make you want to either gouge your eyes out at this guy's ego or slap the fucktard silly over his puerile posing. ([livejournal.com profile] enkiae and I have been pointing and mocking and snarking over AIM all evening; it's fun, you should try it!)

Edit 2: Holy crap, a Tri-Ace double whammy: Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth have both been announced! The first is a sequel to Valkyrie Profile, only one of the best games for the PSOne (which I bought when it first came out, gave it to my sister a few years later when she was complaining about not having enough games, and then she promptly turned around and sold her game system and games for a pittance, AUGH); the second is a remake of the original for the PSP. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to do the Mexican Rain Dance Localization Dance. And while I'm at it, I'll ask for a domestic release for Devil Summoner PSP too.

Edit 3: Oh no, Eugene McCarthy and Richard Pryor died. ;_;

Edit 4: Okay, by popular request (or just because I felt like putting it up): [livejournal.com profile] enkiae's and my snark over Chris Crawford's articles (both the original Escapist article and then his rebuttal posted on his own website which is linked above).

click for snark )
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[Poll #603118]

..."M" being short for "morons," obviously. I don't know about anyone else, but "lovely lady lumps" makes me think less "OMG SEXAY" and more "wow, you should probably get that looked at by a doctor, it could be malignant." And the milk in the Cocoa Puffs bit made me want to cry. AUGH THANK YOU VERY MUCH BREAKFAST CEREAL HAS BEEN RUINED FOR ME FOREVAR

Edit: Errr, I should have specified this in the poll, but apply to you is what I meant. XD


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