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Okay, I am prepared to pronounce this the best Doctor Who fanvid ever. (A few mild spoilers for the first few eps of S4, however, but really just for the baddies that appear in them.)

Also this ad is pretty quality too, as well as showing some interesting human perception patterns. XD

Today is my last Rhetoric class ever, so I'm gonna be bringing some snacks to class for my students. I'm kind of sad, since I do like a lot of my current students (and since there are so few of them I feel like I know more about them than in some of my larger classes). But I'm not gonna be too sad, since I am really looking forward to teaching Gen Ed Lit.

Also apparently my shopping instinct can manage to predict my wants and needs, as just the other day I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] jokersama about Cary Grant and wishing I could watch a Cary Grant movie, and THAT EXACT EVENING a package arrived from Overstock.com which I'd totally forgotten about ordering, which held Bringing Up Baby on DVD, lol. (It also had some Agatha Christie DVDs, which I'd been wanting to own, and the new Mansfield Park with Billie Piper.)
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...I don't know why that makes me so happy, except maybe that the last time they had them (this past summer) I bought one and used it as my Europe/England diary when I went. Also anything cute and monkey-related automatically reminds me of Sharmilla, who is awesome and was one of my flatmates during my year in England, and was in the habit of using the expostulation "bless your monkey" (and just liked monkeys in general, really).

For the record, when I say "monkey book" I mean "blank book with a monkey on the cover and a palm tree pen attached." It is seriously the CUTEST THING EVAR and one of the big reasons I love Target's dollar bins.

Also I may have kinda sorta um bought the Kyo Kara Maoh! limited collector's set of season 1. BUT GENEON'S CLOSED AND I LIKE SEASON PACKS BETTER THAN SINGLES AND I LOVE THE SHOW, SO IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

This does, however, mean that I have quite a few single KKM DVDs that I got back when RightStuf was having their "10 for $50" Geneon DVD sale (which works out to about $5 apiece). As it seems useless to have two copies of these DVDs, do any of y'all want them? Specifically, I have single DVDs for season 1 volumes 1-5 and 9; I'd be totally happy to let them go just for the cost of shipping.

For those of you who've never seen the series and are unsure whether you'd like it or not, I refer you to the series' Wiki page. But in general I would describe it as "silly contemporary-person-goes-to-fantasy-world-and-turns-out-to-be-their-long-lost-king hijinks, with a hefty added dose of cute gay subtext-that-is-actually-pretty-much-text." It gets angsty later on, but certainly in these eps it's pretty fluffy and fun and cute. Oh, and the hero gets transported to the other world through a toilet.

...Okay! Off to play me some Mana Khemia, WHEEEEEE
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There are times that I really hate my materialistic streak.

Like, for example, the fact that since we use iMacs at the Speaking Center - in fact, I'm typing this entry on one now - I'm seriously considering getting a Mac (desktop or laptop) for when my desktop inevitably craps out on me, because it's really nice. >_>


Maybe I should just get a nicer monitor next time though, since while the Mac interface and such is appealing, what I find the most enticing is the awesome awesome monitor that makes everything look ridiculously pretty, even when you're just checking LJ or surfing ONTD. And I really do like Windows XP too, for different reasons. (Though you can run that on Macs now too, that's right...how is software compatibility when running PC games and other software on Mac-XP?)

One thing is for sure, though; if when I look at buying another computer, Vista is my only PC option, then you better believe I'm buying a Mac. (I hate Vista with a fiery passion, mostly because every single person I know who has it complains about it, and the one time I had to use it on my brother's PC I didn't find it all that intuitive either. Not that easy to use + taking out functionality = a sucky OS.)
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I might have kinda sorta bought more Who DVDs that were just delivered to my door. >_>


Also, I watched the first ep of the new season of Torchwood. In which we get Spike in space, man-on-man makeouts and paralyzing lipgloss )

And because I can't make a Torchwood post without posting this video, which embodies everything about S1 of the show to a tee:
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Mall haul from last night:
- Enchanted on Blu-ray
- Super Smash Bros.: Brawl for Wii
- Family Complex by Mikiyo Tsuda

Thoughts on my purchases )

Edit: Also, for any of y'all wondering, my Friends code is 0507 4481 5143 1684.

Edit 2: Since apparently SSBB uses its own set of friend codes (srsly, Nintendo, wtf), my code there is 0173-1151-1451.
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Just wondering, but does anyone else categorize movies by how much you'd be willing to pay for them on DVD? I mostly say this because last night at the mall I picked up Kingom of Heaven because I found it for $10, and I feel that it is totally a $10 movie. Something like Talladega Nights, on the other hand, is a $15 movie, while Knocked Up is a buy-brand-new, $20 one. On the other end of the spectrum, there's movies like Daredevil, which is maybe a $5 movie (which, yes, I do own). And even further than that, there's stuff like Elektra, which I looked at buying for $5 but couldn't bring myself to (I think I have to Netflix it first, I've just heard too many bad things about it). And I generally won't buy a movie until it hits the price range I'm willing to pay for it - like that Lindsay Lohan movie Just My Luck, which I really want to see because it has McFly in it, but which refuses to drop down to $5. Or The Covenant, which I can't justify paying more than $10 for, but which never seems to go for under $15.

In related news, the Chronicles of Riddick set (featuring all three Riddick movies) is now only $10 at Best Buy. I feel stupid because I paid $15, like, two weeks ago. It seems like that's always the way it is, though - you buy something and then it immediately goes on sale and you're all ARGH WHY DO THEY DO THAT. (At least if you're me.)

Also, thanks to the sinister pimping of [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, I've been watching the new Doctor Who (starting at the beginning, with Nine and Rose). God, those two are so cute together. Also PLAYING "TOXIC" AT THE END OF THE WORLD WTF

dammit but I need a Riddick "I'm going to kill you with my TEACUP" icon
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...God, I really haven't posted in a while. Anyway, I should be in Kansas City right now, but sadly due to acts of God, I am not.

I'd been looking forward to going to [livejournal.com profile] rathershady and [livejournal.com profile] courters28's wedding for a while now, ever since they got it scheduled...what, in winter or spring? I had my bus ticket all bought (because again, still no license, argh), and spent Friday getting stuff in order so that I could head out of town.

So I show up at the bus station, all packed and ready to go, and discover that the bus I have to take to Des Moines is 3 hours late. Apparently a rock hit the windshield or something, and so they had to repair it before it could go on along its route. So, this meant that I wouldn't be able to leave until about 9 p.m. This wouldn't otherwise be an issue (it would be a pain making my parents come get me at 3 a.m., but they'd totally have done it), except that I had to transfer in Des Moines to another bus heading to Kansas City - a transfer lasting only 15 minutes.

So basically, there was no way I could take the bus to KC. Slightly panicked, I called my parents to discuss other alternatives - train, driving, etc. - but the only valid one we could come up with was me taking the bus to Des Moines, my stepdad driving the three hours or so up to Des Moines at midnight, then immediately driving three hours back to KC and grabbing like five hours of sleep before driving me down to Springfield, Missouri for Vinnie and Courtney's wedding. (And all this after a full day of work, and he was already running on a sleep deficit.) I felt that would be way too dangerous - he's not the safest of drivers at the best of times, perhaps, and I was pretty sure he'd get in some kind of accident - so my mom and I nixed that alternative. And all the others were out too - Amtrak doesn't run from either Iowa City or Des Moines, only Ottumwa, and wouldn't run on a route that would get me there in time anyway, flight would have been almost as iffy time-wise and flying out would have had to be from Cedar Rapids, which is not that far away but expensive as hell to fly out of (especially on last-minute notice).

So I ended up not being able to go to the wedding, which made me feel sad and sucky because a) Vinnie and Courtney are two of my best friends, and b) if I hadn't been so sucktastic and had gotten my license a couple of weeks ago, this wouldn't even have been an issue. (Also, c) I don't get to see all the other awesome WC folks I'd see there.) Still, congrats to the newlyweds!

And fortunately, unlike most weddings I do have another chance - Vin and Court are having a wedding reception in Colorado in a couple of weeks (since she's from Springfield, more of her family came to that one, and the Colorado one is mostly for his family), and when they first invited me I was invited to both, so I'm gonna see if I can't make that one and at least be at ONE of their weddings.

In other "woes of Yosi" news, my Internet has been down since Thursday evening...when I called Friday, they said they were going to try to fix it, but apparently didn't manage it by the end of the workday. No progress is apparently being made over the weekend (at least my Internet light hasn't come back on), so I imagine it'll be Monday before I have Internet again. Blargh.

In other, less sucky news, I'm now fully into the swing of the semester. I'm taking a Milton class, a seminar on early German literature (so, some European context for all the medieval English work I've read), and a calligraphy class. All of them seem quite interesting and fun. Teaching has been going pretty well, too, after the first week. I'm teaching the public speaking half of Rhetoric, and have had to be working pretty strenuously on my public speaking skills (normally my 1337 writing skillz would counterbalance my speech weaknesses, but that's not an option in this class, so in order to have any authority I'm having to work at it as hard as any of my students - harder than some, I think, which is not doing wonders for my self-confidence but is doing wonders for my motivation). The first week was a bit iffy, but the second week's gone better, and I'm pretty happy with it, aside from one student who's slightly loud and argumentative - while I like and appreciate that he's willing to talk, I wish he wouldn't try to pick fights with everyone in the class over minor semantic issues. (And I can't really talk to him about it, since it is sort of what the class is about, and after the first day he hasn't really been interrupting people or anything, but still, he could be a TEENY bit more diplomatic about it.)

Also, Persona 3 is FULL OF AWESOME AND LULZ, although I'm about ready to throw my controller at the screen at the moment. Persona 3 ramblings )

Also, I seem to have acquired an HDTV, eheheheh. But having done so, my reaction now is OMG SO PRETTY, CAN NEVAR GO BACK. Seriously, the PS3 hooked up to an HDTV using HDMI cables is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. The Wii is really pretty too, though lower-resolution (I think the best it gets is 480p?), and even PS2 games look abso-frickin'-lutely gorgeous, and I can see so much detail that I never could before...all the text in the Persona 3 FMV intro, for instance. And while playing Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou this morning, I noticed that on the door of the Narumi Detective Agency it says, in tiny print, "cutting the Gordian knot," which I never even NOTICED on my old standard-def TV.

More regular posts once Internet is back! I have a book-rec post pretty much written up at home, and there are a few other things I want to post about - I really want to get back into the swing of regular blogging, since I got so out of it during the summer with all the out-of-town-beingness, so expect more once Qwest stops actively sucking ass.

Edit: This weekend is also [livejournal.com profile] aurianrose's wedding, so congrats to her as well!
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Well, folks, back in ye olde KC now. My friend Vinnie ([livejournal.com profile] rathershady) came up to Iowa City for a few days, during which we hung out and played a shitton of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the PS3. Then we drove down to Columbia, met up with his fiancee Courtney ([livejournal.com profile] courters28), and the three of us headed up to KC. Since then, I've:

- Hung out a lot with my parents, which is nice;
- Eaten lunch with several of the old Women's Center folks (Vinnie and Courtney, Janie and Chris, Terre);
- Turned 24 (both Vin and Court came to my party, as did my parents, my older brother and my younger stepbrother);
- Eaten at just about every KC restaurant that I've been missing :9;
- Helped Vinnie and Courtney move from their apartments in Kansas City and Columbia respectively to their spacious new apartment in Columbia (of which I am truly envious, and which has cemented my determination to find an awesome two-bedroom to move into next summer);
- Set my mom up with my old laptop (I had to get a new battery and a network card for her so she can get wireless, but she's well set-up);
- And cleaned enough of my old room here at home to, tomorrow morning, set up the air conditioner Vinnie and Courtney have lent to us (which means I no longer have to either sleep in an uncomfortable recliner or stew in lack of air-conditionedness on my bed).

Also, during V&C's move, I discovered (through one of Vinnie's friends) that though Nintendo Wiis are scarce as hen's teeth in Iowa City, they lie thick on the ground in Columbia. So I am now the proud possessor of a Wii (as are Vinnie and Courtney). [livejournal.com profile] lordtravis and [livejournal.com profile] teachingmusic, I think y'all (and whoever else in the IC that wants to) need to come over for a Wii-playing party once I make it back up. :D

Anyway, I'd better sign off, since I have to get up semi-early tomorrow to put in the A/C (and also I think my baby brother's birthday party might be tomorrow? And I just realized ZOMG I HAVE NO PRESENT, AUGH).

Also, maybe it's just me, but I would TOTALLY read this book. (Taken from this page, linked by...SOMEONE on the flist.)

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