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All of y'all who are interested in Megaten and/or the Persona games should check out [personal profile] manticore's new forum for discussion of Persona 2 (and other Megaten games) at The Allegory of Whatever.

(For the record, I will be getting Innocent Sin at some point this week, whenever I can make it out to GameStop.)
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I'd tend to favor whatever the wronged party wants, though I'd lean towards a split-up; certainly in the most recent case (Sandra Bullock and Jesse James) I kinda think she should dump his ass, as from all accounts she is super-nice and is adorable. But if she wants to stick it out, good for her...though if I were her, I would not take kindly to having my post-Oscar mellow harshed by infidelity rising to the surface, and would kick his ass to the curb. But I generally feel that Sandra Bullock is the kind of person you don't cheat on (ditto with, say, Kate Winslet - not that I think she's splitting with Sam Mendes because there was cheating, but similarly she's the kind of star whom pretty much everyone likes, and if you cheat on her you'll piss off a lot of people).

Anyway, I am finally getting around to doing the three fandoms meme [livejournal.com profile] nemissa gave me:

Megaten )

Suikoden )

JoJo )


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