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Apparently an effective treatment for HIV - one might even say a cure - has been discovered. (From [livejournal.com profile] dosetsu.) Yay! :D

Also, upon sitting down to write my "epic" Dumbledore post, I realized that it would be totally TL;DR. So, in lieu of that, have this online conversation comparing Harry Potter and the new season of Heroes:

Cut for spoilers (I guess?) about Molly's living situation in the new season )

In semi-related news, I set up TVersity on my computer so it can act as a media center and stream media to my PS3. So this morning I watched the new ep of Heroes, for the first time ever (well aside from the S1 eps I've watched on DVD) on my HDTV. And it was SWEET. Not only can I watch any video file on my computer on my PS3 - even if it's not in a PS3-supported format (ilu codecs) - but I also have access to my entire music library, which is also kinda awesome.

For those of you without the traditional "media center" systems - PS3/Xbox 360 - note that apparently this also works on the Wii, through the Wii web browser...it automatically converts music and video to Flash files that are playable in the browser itself.

As for my reactions to the Heroes ep? Spoilers, mostly for the new 'hero' introduced in this ep and for new Parkhinder developments )

Edit: Also, every time I listen to Silent Hill no Uta my brain BREAKS ALL OVER AGAIN. D: D: D:
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(Link leads to crazy people horrified by the new Harry Potter book; spoilers, obviously, so avoid it until you've read the book, but then go and enjoy vitriol like the following (actual quote): I could fucking strangle her!!! How could she do that to us?? Write this fucking heap of shit, assassinate her characters, her plot lines and pretend this is the greatest thing ever?!?!! She betrayed us, her loyal readers, her loyal fans, and her own creation!! She's ruined the world and characters she created, she's raped them and destroyed them, I can't believe this fucking nightmare is real!!!

...o rly?

Anyway, as I mentioned, I seem to have somehow wound up the owner of a PS3. But it's not my fault! When they price-dropped the 60GB model, they mentioned that they were discontinuing it and its hardware emulation of PS2, and moving just to 80GB ones with software PS2 emulation (and given how well software emulation has worked with Xbox/Xbox 360, especially for less well-known games like those I play, that's probably not a good thing). And since I knew I DO want a PS3 eventually, and will want to play PS2 games on it, I bit the bullet and got a 60GB with hardware emulation while I still could.

It helped that I spent way less than I had planned on in England, so I had money to spare.

Now back to reading Potter wank. I'll leave you with this delightful quote, again taken straight from the discussion page I linked:


Ahhh, the sweet smell of Potteritis in the morning...
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Went down to my second Christmas at my aunt Becky's on Sunday. It was nice, and I got a lot of swag:

- the new Harry Potter book, a soapmaking book and supplies, a book of Jane Austen's letters, and a foldable shopping cart from my parents, as well as a CD of local indie bands (which I think is the first "wtf?" item I've ever gotten from them, they normally have a pretty good idea of what I like);
- Finding Neverland on DVD from my brother;
- a gorgeous quilt, a watercolor picture of Christchurch College in Oxford, and a Barnes and Noble giftcard from my aunt Becky;
- and a Borders giftcard from my cousin Andrew.

Today I'm going to go to Barnes and Noble and shop up a storm using my TWO B&N giftcards (since my stepbrother gave me one on Thursday). Ehehehehe. >D

Anyway, the rest of the day went pretty well too...had lots of food and pie, played my cousin's new game Shadows Over Camelot (a really cool cooperative board game) with my sister and cousins (for the record, I was the traitor and so won when we lost). The game was most notable, however, for the fact that my cousin Andrew actually used the word "pwned" (pronounced "poned") in normal conversation. XD

Later in the day we played a couple of games of The Perfect Ten (which my brother had gotten for Becky), but as far as trivia goes it was pretty woeful...both my family and my aunts and cousins were too smart for it to be TOO much of a challenge, and one game only went three rounds and the other only went two (for the record, it's supposed to take up to ten to win).

Monday and Tuesday were pretty peaceful, calm days - I surfed the Net some, read some HariPo, watched some Buffy, ate some leftovers, et cetera. It was nice to have some relaxation time. (I totally would have played some PS2, too, except that I left my power cord at home. ;_;)

Today is probably going to be devoted to two things: 1) spending my B&N giftcards, and 2) packing to go to CO. :D

and a meme that turned out disturbingly accurate at times )

Let's Positive Linking!
- Accidental acetaminophen poisoning up. I'm not supposed to take acetominophen myself (it conflicts with one of my other medicationss, I think), so I should hopefully be able to avoid this. I'm not surprised this is happening, though, since I'm pretty up on my medical stuff and even I did not know that acetaminophen was used in Vicodin, Percoset, etc. (And my mom's taken both!) So I totally see how it could happen.
- Best Christmas commercial EVAR. (From [livejournal.com profile] angrybabble.)
- Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Dance Team. Warn those around you that paroxysms of laughter WILL inevitably follow watching this, and not to worry. (From [livejournal.com profile] jantalaimon.)
- A few days ago there was a story about a woman here in the metro area who swallowed (or attempted to swallow) a cellphone in order to end a conversation with her husband. Now it comes out that it may not have been voluntary. DUN DUN DUN!
- The NunBun has been stolen! (From [livejournal.com profile] eslington.)

Edit: Now it turns out that cellphone-swallowing lady was actually stalked and kidnapped by her ex, who then rammed it down her throat. Fucker, I hope somebody turns him in to the fuzz.


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