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Well, I think I aced my presentation today. (And by "aced it," I mean "didn't start babbling incoherently"; my standards have dropped substantially.) Now to work on my presentation for tomorrow, and then my Hell Week is OVER! :D

...Well, it was more like two weeks, but whatever. XD

Because I'm devoted to better living through psychological trauma, have some Care Bear pr0n fics (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] sergiekins). >D

Let's Positive Linking!
- Anne Rice has gone even more bugfuck, decides to write Jesus books. As [livejournal.com profile] enkiae has said, "I mean, she could at least write a story about Christ coming back from the dead and...almost sucking on the blood of the living, but not cause he's too busy angsting and being a prettyboy emokid." XD
- Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi. I totally thought this was a spoof when I read it in the college newspaper, but no, it's real. XD
- Hoax caller posing as police officer gets McDonald's managers to strip search, rape employees. (From [livejournal.com profile] ryuusama.) Dude, how can PEOPLE BE SO STUPID AUGH THEY SHOULD DIE AND PUT US ALL OUT OF OUR MISERY

Edit: Apparently Janet Jackson has a secret 18-year-old daughter. Le gasp. Also, apparently Wikipedia is not 100% perfectly researched and impeccably written in a scholarly style. DAISHOKKU

Edit 2: Oh no, Rosa Parks died. :(
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Played a little more DDS2 today. Dude, the Berserker form...SO COOL. O_O

Also, I liked the fact that they gave you the option to see the Varin flashback in Roland's HQ. Anyone who didn't play the first game and started with the second is already thoroughly confused by that point, and I imagine it wouldn't particularly help them (XD), but for someone who's played the first game and just wouldn't mind a refresher, it came in real handy. :D

...For some reason I've just been really antsy and restless today. I've got stuff for this week I should be working on, and I find myself more inclined to pace my apartment a zillion times than actually do it. Furuba is pretty calming; maybe watching some of that will calm me down enough to do my reading and work on my assignments. (If nothing else, maybe Tohru's work ethic will guilt me into it. XD)
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[Poll #596302]

If you want pictures, here's Argilla and here's Jenna Angel.

Edit: Just realized that the title of that poll should have had "[livejournal.com profile] ahebert and me." Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. (Though it is kinda humiliating for an English Ph.D. student...we should totally be beyond petty little things like typos!)
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Well, finally started Digital Devil Saga 2.

thoughts )

Also, I'm kinda in need of furniture for my apartment - I currently have no place to comfortably curl up and do my reading for class except for my bed, which is problematic because it tends to put me to sleep (because bed = sleep for me). So I'm looking for either a nice comfy armchair or a nice comfy loveseat/sofa. And the chair that I wanted from Overstock.com has now sold out (damn $1 shipping sale!), so I can't get that.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone know where I could find some good furniture in the Iowa City area? (For those of you who have lived here.) Or just in general, in the case of online or chain stores. My only real requirement is that they have to deliver, since I am carless. And also, I'd like something that's relatively good value for the money, since I'm on a limited budget.

...dammit, playing DDS games always makes me hungry. XD


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