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...man, I'm exhausted and tomorrow's Monday, the beginning of the week. ARGH.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I kind of had a working weekend - tomorrow I have to present on my seminar paper, and progress thereon, in my Lydgate seminar, and also had to send out a five-page excerpt from my paper this weekend, so I've been really working crazily for a good part of this weekend. (Read: I pulled an all-nighter last night to get the last part of said excerpt beaten into submission and in some semblance of readable-by-others quality.) Still, this means that I do now have a decent chunk of my paper draft done, so that automatically puts me way further ahead of schedule than pretty much any other semester I've taken a seminar, lol. The full 20-page draft isn't due until a week from Friday, but I'm hoping to finish it before then and have it out of my hair.

Speaking of hair, I went and got a haircut today. (I was overdue, since my last haircut was in January I think.) I like it, except that I had them leave it a bit longer on the top, so if the wind blows it wrong it has a distressing tendency to sort of settle into a faux-hawk. (The better you know me in person, the funnier this will probably seem.) So I think I may have to use product, at least for a few days until it settles down a bit, just to keep it from faux-hawking on me. D:

Tomorrow is going to be hellacious, as I have my presentation in the morning, then I have to scramble to get through my reading for Rhetoric (since I will have to lead discussion on it, being the teacher and all), and then I have my German class in the evening. (Also I may be meeting with my seminar prof sometime in there.) D:

On the plus side, Mana Khemia comes out tomorrow, and y'all know how much I like me some Atelier-series gaming.

...I was about to say that if Gamers doesn't have it in tomorrow I'm gonna have to cut someone, but then I realized that I won't be able to play it till Tuesday night/Wednesday anyway (since I have to do my Old Norse translation tomorrow evening for Tuesday, and even after that I probably SHOULDN'T be playing it and SHOULD be finishing up my seminar paper draft), so I guess if they get it in a day or two late I'll be able to deal. STILL I NEED TO START IT ASAP SO I CAN FINISH IT BY THE TIME FES COMES OUT

Finally, linkspam!

Let's Positive Linking!
- I've discovered that I should probably be watching the British show Blackpool. It's several years old and is essentially a straightforward cop/crime drama, but every so often they break into musical numbers set to pop songs to express homoerotic antagonism or to celebrate a drug bust. Note that the series also starred David Tennant (a.k.a. the current Doctor Who)...and that judging from the second video, synchronized dancing is not his strong point. XD
- You know, I'm really glad that YouTube wasn't around when I was a teenager. This is not to say there aren't remnants of my youthful folly online - the Wayback Machine has copies of some rather embarrassing (attempts at) fan translation pages from when I was like 12 - but at least I never had to worry about being an Internet laughingstock, like this girl is.
- New Zealand man receives sentence for claiming that he was raped by a wombat, which caused him to start speaking "Australian." ...I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.
- On a similar note, the latest news on efforts to rekindle pandas' dormant sex drive in order to save the species. I didn't even know porn for pandas existed (unlike panda porn, which I'm sure does exist somewhere in the depths of the Interwebs).
- And finally, this is the best post I've seen on ONTD in ages (link probably not worksafe). I now know far more than I ever wanted to about Bobby Trendy's sex life, but the sheer horrific trainwreckness of this post left me simultaneously going "OH MY GOD NO I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE" and "...wait, they're refusing to give all the gory details? I CALL SHENANIGANS, GIVE US THE GOODS."

...For some reason I've had this song running through my head all weekend. So because pain shared is pain halved, have some early '90s cheese.
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Well, the verdict came in on Heath Ledger's cause of death.


...I believe this ONTD comment pretty much perfectly sums up my opinion on this piece of news.

ALSO, HALO IS REAL, I TOTALLY CALLED IT...though I imagine it will make Heroes watching even squirmier, and the Peter/Claire shippers will be insufferable now. D:

Edit: Also, I didn't mention it, but three cheers for having 8 inches of snow fall and having the one class you have to teach cancelled. I sat at home all day under a blanket and played Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Life is good.
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This has been making the celebrity gossip rounds ever since Vanity Fair announced a few weeks ago that they were doing an article on it, but here's the article itself, about the rise and fall of Lou Pearlman, manager of just about every big boyband of the last 10 years (Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, etc.). It's probably made the most news, however, for its allegations about inappropriate activities with numerous boys, including members of said boybands.

Though they're pretty cagey about names, one famous person IS named as a definite (or at leas attempted) molestee: Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys (based on comments from his mom and the mom of one of his bandmates). I do feel truly sorry for him, and also think that his mother is a miserable waste of space. She talks in the article about how awful it was and how she was horrified, but given that even AFTER knowing this was happening she allowed her younger son, Aaron, to work with Pearlman, she seriously needs to die in a fire. (I hear Nick has almost no contact with her now, and I can't say I blame him. Why is it that for every good Hollywood mom there's a Jane Carter or a Dina Lohan?)

Also, this quote was kind of chilling:
Pearlman's bedroom lay behind a pair of double doors, and when they were closed, Mooney knew not to intrude. More than once, he says, he encountered young male singers slipping out of those doors late at night, tucking in their shirts, a sheepish look on their faces. "There was one guy in every band—one sacrifice—one guy in every band who takes it for Lou," says Mooney, echoing a sentiment I heard from several people. "That's just the way it was."

All I could think of was, "goddamn, I bet for *NSYNC it was Lance." I mean, you know he was probably more vulnerable than the others. Now I just wonder whether this'll make it into his upcoming book. Poor Lance. D:

...okay, enough about boybands. In other entertainment news (this is kind of old, but I keep forgetting to post it), apparently Marcia and Jan on The Brady Bunch had a lesbian fling. Seriously, that show was like Pseudo-Incest Central, with all the actors playing family members crushing on/getting it on with each other. Hey, at least it wasn't Cindy. XD
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...In semi-related news I just discovered that there is apparently a Kansas City band named Baiowulf, which amused me far more than it probably should have (I'll attribute it to lack of sleep and a surplus of caffeine).

Also, I should probably not be listening to Fall Out Boy as much as I have lately...I'm mildly ashamed. It's just that it's so catchy! And also, the more I read about Pete Wentz (articles, interviews, etc.) on [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt, the more I find myself (unwillingly) liking him. This has led a horrified [livejournal.com profile] jokersama to despair of my taste in guys. ...LOOK, PETE-CHAN IS MAI LOLI, HE JUST NEEDS A HUG and possibly someone to smack him until he stops wearing skinny jeans D:

Edit: Also, air conditioning is the greatest invention known to humankind, y/y?
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My second presentation is done and over with; I think it sucked even more than presentation #1, to be honest (not even taking into account the 30-minute battle with the tech cart to get the computer/projector working beforehand, which unfortunately disrupted class quite a lot). I guess I wasn't entirely certain what the prof wanted out of it? I mean, I feel like I didn't maybe do enough to talk about trends between the various adaptations, but honestly it's kind of hard to draw parallels between a movie featuring a Playboy Playmate and a children's book featuring Wishbone, despite technically having a common source material, so everything I came up with was pretty general, like mentioning how most adaptations seemed to want to give Beowulf - or Grendel, if he is the main character - a love interest, which is inevitably interesting given the scarcity of women in the story. (...oh god, I shouldn't have said that, now my brain is conjuring up Beowulf/Grendel/Hrothgar OT3 slash. MY KINGDOM FOR BRAIN-BLEACH.) It also didn't help that I kind of slagged off a movie that it turns out my prof really likes, eheheheh. (I don't think I used the word "sucktastic" to refer to it in during my presentation. I don't think...)

But the important thing is that it is over! Now all I have left this semester is getting my Beowulf paper done (or mostly done) this weekend, and then full-time on my seminar paper. Today I spent a while at the library looking through books and finding more possible sources for said seminar paper. But tonight I'm not doing much of anything except going to the reading of my officemate who's graduating with her MFA from the Nonfiction program in a couple of weeks.

Also, as a reward for finishing presentation hell week, I got myself a copy of Heat magazine (the imported British version, natch). It's a trashy British tabloid (sort of like Hello! or OK!) It's been forever since I read it - pretty much since my flatmates Rachel and Fran, who bought it regularly, moved out after the first semester of my year in England - but gosh, I had not realized how much I missed completely trashy British celeb gossip (which I think tends to be way snarkier than US celeb gossip).

...I think my Anglophilia has reached critical mass in preparation for my European vacation. orz
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Well, the progress of the plague continues...it's seemed a little better today, but I might just be imagining it. If it's still around tomorrow, I'm just gonna call the health center and see if I can get in, since I need to go over and get blood tests to get my meds renewed anyway (which I was supposed to do today, but given the fact that it was freaking SNOWING I figured I did not need to be walking two and a half miles in the snow/sleet/freezing rain and the wind in my current condition).

...Man, I really want to get better soon, though. It's hard to concentrate enough to get any work done when you're Sudafed-stoned. D:

Let's Positive Linking!
- Guitars and bears and tanks, oh my! (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.) Basement Jaxx has some awesomely fubar music videos, and this one set in Soviet Russia is one of the most WTF.
- Howard K. Stern hires Ramsey parents' lawyer. Yeah, that'll convince the people who believe you killed anna nicole that you didn't.
- Have some well-written Devil Wears Prada femslash. (From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama.) Despite not having seen the movie or read the book, I thought it was a pretty good fic, especially since there's so little femslash out there. (It's Meryl Streep x Anne Hathaway, for the record.)
- Possible best AMV evar? Seriously, the syncing-up of the music and the action (perfect lip-syncing, even) alone is completely awesome. This one is similarly good. (Both from [livejournal.com profile] dosetsu.) I've been wanting to see this anime ever since reading an FST description about of it that made it sound like the crackish nonsense I'd probably like, so maybe this will be my impetus to check it out (after finals).

My current videogame, which I've gotten to play very little of lately (though I did play a bit today), is Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia. And it is full of innuendo. (The sad part is, that's actually one of the more innocent bits of innuendo in this game.)
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The suck: I have a seminar presentation on Tuesday that my professor didn't inform us about until this past Monday. Yay. Also, I have to finish my last American Lit paper for this afternoon. D:

The awesome: From [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, the best piece of celeb gossip ever: Mary-"Kate" and Ashley Olsen: photogenic twins or cannibalistic killers? OMG THEY ATE KATE. Also, I laughed until I cried at them feeding the clubfoot to the dog.

Also from Puu, AHAHAHA BEST MYSPACE PROFILE EVAR. Apparently seven of this guy's exes whom he screwed over got together and made this page for him. (Warning for loud but amusing music.)
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The soft-rock station here in town is already playing Christmas carols. T_T

What happened to the good ol' days, when they waited until the day after Christmas to start? Or at least till like mid-November. Why do I get the feeling they started the day after Halloween? x_x

I have bought my bus ticket for Thanksgiving vacation - I should be getting in to KC late at night on the 19th. So, yay for being able to see everyone at home again! :D

BPAL: Lear )

BPAL: Tombstone )

BPAL: Devil's Night )

Let's Positive Linking!
- Visual illusions, woot! (From [livejournal.com profile] surlykitty.) I especially like the "angry man, neutral woman" one.
- Tom. Katie. 'Nuff said.
- Why you should pay attention in geography class. Now I feel bad for not paying as much attention as I should in my lit theory class. WHAT IF LITERARY THEORY CAN SAVE LIVES SOMEDAY? :O

Edit: While working on a Romantic Lit paper for tomorrow, I attempted to abbreviate Elizabeth Inchbald's A Simple Story until I realized what it abbreviates to: ASS. XDDDDD

Edit 2: This is a must-see for all Keroro Gunsou fans, and really even if you're not one it'll be funny. (It's based on the first opening credits of that series.)
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Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] shinkun! May you never be eaten by demons!

I have a rant about [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_daily. (Which I suppose extends to yaoi fandoms in general, and isn't really anything new, but still bugs me.)

Bashing women in yaoi )

Anyway, more BPAL reviews! :D

BPAL: Jolly Roger )

BPAL: Sugar Skull 2005 )

BPAL: Iago )

Let's Positive Linking!
- Encyclopedia Dramatica. TNT LJ: WE KNOW DRAMA.
- IT company bans complaining. (From [livejournal.com profile] surlykitty.) I can't imagine that helps morale. XD
- Family loses home to Katrina, then son killed in Iraq. The mother's STILL waiting on a FEMA trailer, so she's understandably kinda pissed. :(
- K-Fed begins rap "career". Because apparently it's not fulfilling enough for Mr. Britney Spears to spend all his wife's money on PIMP tracksuits for their wedding and on crappy-looking manpris.
- Meet ELIZA. No, not Dushku, sadly; the computer Rogerian therapist from several decades back, that apparently fooled some people into thinking it was a real person. It's been replicated as a Java applet. Ask it about sexual deviancy for extra fun! :D
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Hot damn, they are doing a second Batman featuring the Joker story. MICHAEL KEATON EAT YOUR HEART OUT. <3 <3 <3

...I love how 3 of the 10 stories in that IMDb news roundup are about either Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. I also love how Tom Cruise is now claiming to be 42, since he used to be the same age as my stepdad who just turned 44 today. XD
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Went and saw Batman Begins with [livejournal.com profile] rathershady yesterday. ZOMG SO GOOD, YOU MUST SEE IT ASAP.

random, not-too-spoilery thoughts )

Afterwards, Vinnie and I were talking and almost wished it hadn't tied in to the first Batman movie so well, because we want them to remake the other ones only actually GOOD this time. ;_;

Though I was totally surprised - Katie Holmes can actually do a decent acting job if given good material to work with. Though now I'm feeling sorry for her, because she's so cute and spunky and shouldn't get sucked in by Creepy Tom Cruise. (Yeah, yeah, I know, broken record.) This relationship has been moving so fast that I imagine they'll be announcing that she's pregnant any day now (hey, it's possible, especially given his attitudes towards pharmaceuticals, which one presumes includes birth control).

Anyway, if you were lusting for some bizarre crap from an ACTUAL religion (as opposed to bizarre crap from a fake religion) visit Sex in Christ (from [livejournal.com profile] eikitty; while I think it's a parody site, it's no less funny for that). Its Biblically-supported findings are certainly interesting: Threesomes are OK as long as it's boy/girl/girl, anal and oral sex don't count as sex as long as they're straight (which means they don't count at all, premaritally-speaking), and Viagra is A-OK by the Bible. XD

Also, a PSA: never squirt a fire extinguisher up a friend's ass (from [livejournal.com profile] jantalaimon). Fire extinguisher + ass = bad idea. The sad thing is, I totally know people who would have done this and thought it was funny up until the massive rectal bleeding started.

And a meme that's almost supernaturally inaccurate )

Nice rack

Jun. 20th, 2005 11:16 am
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Well, yesterday was Father's Day, and so my mom and I feted my stepdad Ben for most of the day. My mom took us (as a Father's Day present) to a relatively new place just a few blocks away on Troost called Grace: A Bistro on the Edge. (Edge of what? Troost [the racial dividing line in KC]? Sanity? Who knows?) It was actually a really nice place, a very pleasant and pretty breakfasterie given that it was on Troost. It wasn't too expensive, either. The waiter did seem to think he was Jay Leno, though - he kept up a constant stream of (not all that good) patter. But he was nice.

After that, we took Ben to a scrapbooking shop at Town Center Plaza because he's been thinking he'd like to get into scrapbooking as a hobby. (And it is perfect for him: he saves EVERYTHING and loves nostalgia and the past, so we're hoping if he's able to save and catalog the things he wants to keep, he won't be as much of a pack rat to save everything else.) He got a couple of beginner books about scrapbooking on sale, and then I took us (as a Father's Day present) to the Elephant Bar for sunch (lupper?). Then we saw that Organized Living, which shares a parking lot with Elephant Bar, was having a going out of business sale, so we stopped in for a little bit and I got a sexy spice rack for my apartment. :D

...Since I seem to be unable to write an LJ entry without mentioning the Scientologist goodness of Tomkat, here's something that makes Tom Cruise seem like a creepy ass - Tom Cruise got punk'd British TV-style...and got the pranksters arrested.

And while on the subject of Britain, here's an article about happy-slapping yobs. It just amuses me because I bet the "major mall near London" (you know, the one that's banned hoodies) is Bentall Centre in Kingston. XD

Edit: Debbie Harry schools Paris Hilton. :D
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Well, you've probably heard by now, but Tom and Katie are engaged after a shockingly cliche trip to the Eiffel Tower. And she's not at all brainwashed by Scientology-fu into being a beard for Tommy-boy, oh no. Here's hoping their union will be looked upon kindly by the disembodied spirit of L. Ron. *shudder*

Today my parents and I went to Higginsville to visit my dad's marker at the veterans' cemetery there. It's a peaceful spot, and kind of nice. (I do kind of wonder about the person a few markers down who had "A Prodigal Son" on his marker. Sounds like his parents were pissed off at him and pursued the vendetta unto death and beyond.) Afterwards, we went to the Ole Time Cafe in Higginsville, which I know I've posted about before and which has the BEST OLD-FASHIONED HOME-COOKIN' FOOD EVAR ZOMG.

Once we got back to KC, we went to JoAnn's because my stepdad is thinking of taking up scrapbooking and I wanted to get some fabric for my mom to make floor pillows and curtains for me to take to Iowa. Also, JoAnn's was having a dynamite sale yesterday and today, and so we picked up some really nice stuff for a steal. (Beautiful heavy glass votive candleholders in pretty summer colors for .25 each = TEH WIN.) Honestly, though, I just love craft stores in general. It probably helps that I've dabbled in just about every craft you can think of at one time or another. x_x

(No, seriously, if you name it I've probably done it. Except tatting - I never quite got into tatting.)

Let's Positive Linking!
- What a beautiful example of the abysmal nadir of journalism. Neil Gaiman tears her a new one (but nicely) for it on his blog.
- Human cannonball fired for fear of flying. I bet Erica Jong would have something pithy to say about it.
- The most recent FameTracker Galaxy of Fame. I link to it solely for the "Oh my God, it's funny because it's TRUE!" value of the following paragraph:

"Hi, I'm Angelina Jolie. You know what's wrong with this country? I can kiss my brother on the mouth and wear my husband's blood around my neck and tell a magazine I'm sleeping with two men and three women and a knife all at the same time and everyone kind of raises an eyebrow and shrugs. And yet, I'm tenuously linked to one pretty-boy, kind of dumb movie star and the entire nation grinds to a halt and goes apeshit. Seriously, you people need to get your voyeuristic priorities straightened out. Weirdos."

...In a complete non sequitur, I don't understand how guys can go commando in jeans. Maybe I'm weird this way, but in my opinion (and experience) bare genitals plus rough, toothed metal zipper is at best uncomfortable, and at worst downright painful. I suppose it might work better with button-fly jeans, but it would still be hella uncomfortable. :(


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