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Finally sent off the prospectus for my dissertation to my committee, and will be going in later today to photocopy a hard copy for them. WOOHOO! It took a year to come to fruition, but it's finally here!

Now here's hoping that in that same amount of time that it took to conceive and write these 7 pages (plus bibliography), that I can manage...about 250 pages of actual dissertation. orz

IN OTHER NEWS my digital letterpress class is going swimmingly; I'm currently in the process of making photopolymer printing plates for my first (of two) multi-page book project, which is a short booklet about the Tamam Shud case. Creepy AND informative...the best of both worlds! Anyway, I spent about 3 hours yesterday evening making polymer plates, and I'll probably spend the same amount of time or a bit more today doing the same thing. Here's hoping the end result is awesome enough to justify all this work?

And in OTHER OTHER NEWS I am elated about the return of Glee (Madonna episode tonight, HELL YEAH, BITCHES...and I'm not even a Madonna fan, I just loved Sue Sylvester's Vogue video). Other newly discovered televisual enjoyments have included Spartacus: Blood and Sand (bloody as fuck, but totally awesome), 6teen (from the creators of the Total Drama series, conceived as a teen version of Friends set in a shopping mall SHUT UP I KNOW I'M LAME BUT IT'S KINDA AWESOME), and Ugly Americans (which is wrong but totally awesome, especially zombie roommate Randall; as I was telling [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, it's reminiscent to me of that bizarrely awesome mid-'90's MTV show The Head). And of course there is Doctor Who, which is delightful to have back on regularly (even if "The Merchandising Victory of the Daleks" was a bit lightweight and plot-holey, especially given the awesome premise of Daleks fighting for Britain in World War II).

Finally, I am currently teaching a Rambo novel to my students to round out the semester...how awesome is that? (Clearly we will have to end our discussion of it by viewing clips of all four Rambo films, natch.) Sometimes I love teaching.
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Welp, gave my presentation and it was the best of the bunch (mostly because of the other two, which were history, one was all "here's some neat data! Argument? What's an argument?" and the other was basically advocating building a medieval village in a knockoff of Second Life as a pedagogical tool).

Afterwards, went to the Sanctuary (a local pub) with the only one of my profs who attended the presentation and the only other English grad medievalist to attend it, where we attempted (and somewhat failed) at coming up with an Old English poem parodying the opening of Beowulf for the Medieval Association of the Midwest program in 2010. (It's a lot harder translating from English to OE than vice versa, since there aren't too many English -> Old English dictionaries out there, not to mention thesauruses.) Then his wife joined us, who seems super-nice and is a medievalist in the Spanish department (and was the one who set said presentation up).

When we left, that predicted ice storm had started, which was TOTAL CRAP. But now I'm home, toasty warm, and hoping my final for tomorrow morning is cancelled due to weather, so that way I don't have to leave my apartment (since we're supposed to get a tenth to a third of an inch of ice followed by three to seven inches of snow by tomorrow morning).

Now I have to grade moar, and all I can say is, bleah.
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Apparently a gigantic ice storm is scheduled to be hitting Iowa City tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning, and it's expected to the point where they sent out a flurry of e-mails about what to do if classes end up getting cancelled and we can't administer our finals.

My only two commitments this week? Presenting at the medieval graduate colloquium tomorrow afternoon, and administering my Gen Ed Lit final on Friday morning. A-yup.

So now it's entirely at the vagaries of the weather as to whether I will be presenting and/or final-proctoring over the next few days. ...have I mentioned I hate uncertainty when it comes to this kind of stuff? D:
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Hmmm, after listening to a lot of Higurashi music lately, I suppose I should catch up on it; I'm fairly certain I haven't been getting 100% of my recommended daily allowance of killer lolis, after all. :(

Also I am being ridiculously productive today; I've graded all my informal assignment backlog (and am now completely caught up on grading, for almost the first time EVER this semester!) and am FINALLY getting back to annotation-writing after like two and a half weeks away from it. Go me!


Oct. 22nd, 2008 11:44 am
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Getting ready to teach Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market"; I wish I'd thought to bring my stopwatch, because I want to time how long it takes for my students to overcome their inhibitions and for someone to bring up the topic of lesbian incest. XD

We read it in one of my Victorian classes a couple of years ago, and I seemed to be the lone voice in the wilderness suggesting lesbo incest. But seriously, how else can you read a poem that features a girl telling her sister to "hug me, kiss, me, suck my juices" and "eat me, drink me, love me," and then features said sister kissing her "with a hungry mouth" and then licking fruit juice from all over her body?

And that's not even the most sexual moment in the poem!

Anyway, I will report on whatever lulz may or may not ensue in today's class. (We're also reading Chinua Achebe's "Dead Men's Path," which is almost as interesting if less pr0ny.)


Aug. 29th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Wow, yesterday the UI sent out safety guidelines in case of an active shooter (presumably in response to Virginia Tech and NIU). They know whereof they speak - the UI had a set of shootings back in '93, which decimated the Physics department (you can read an essay with a little more detail here, written by Jo Ann Beard, a Nonfiction Writing Program MFA student who also worked on editing the UI physics journal at the time, and was good friends with several of the victims).

And I gotta say, I appreciate the heads-up, and that they're thinking about this kind of stuff, but I still find it hella creepy and unsettling that we even have to worry about it. D:

It feels so strange not to be going to any classes this semester; don't get me wrong, it's nice, but still very strange. I do kind of miss the structure; without it, I hope I'll have enough initiative on my own to get all my comps shit done on time. I've gotta say, though, I was quite happy not to have to fight the crowds in our various textbook stores this semester, though.

Also I have finally finished my first week of teaching Gen Ed Lit. Discussion today was...distressing to me, so I'm hoping I can get some good tips for discussion when my sort of teaching support group meets next Thursday. It's been years since I took an undergrad lit class, so I have problems remembering exactly what my professors did to get discussion going; I remember my grad classes better, but getting discussion going usually isn't at all hard in them (in fact, frequently the problem is STOPPING folks from talking all the time). I felt like leading discussion was one of my weak points in Rhetoric, too, but I really want to get it right this time, since this is presumably what I'll be doing for the next umpteen years, so better to figure it out earlier than later...right?

Anyway, back to work on an annotation, since I'll probably be meeting with one of my committee next week and I NEED MOAR ANNOTATIONS DONE before then.

First days

Aug. 25th, 2008 01:38 pm
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Well, just finished my first day teaching Gen Ed Lit and am sitting in my new office holding office hours (which I'm sure no one will come to the first day). My students all seem like nice kids, and the class in general went as well as I could really have hoped. Though I would have been pissed if it hadn't, since I dressed up for today - even wore a freakin' tie! Because this is me we're talking about, my clothes were in the ever-so-subtle shades of lime green and lilac (shirt and tie, respectively), making me look vaguely like a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character, but I think it totally worked in the end. (Purple and green are my favorite colors, FWIW.)

It's very odd being back in EPB, though, post-flooding. My basement classroom is totally sweet - not only does it have all the tech it had before and more, but I've got a freaking WHITEBOARD, it's awesome! - but my new office is in the emergency stairwell (literally; I suppose it'll come in handy in case of fire). I can't complain about my office at all, though, since I'm only sharing it with two other folks, and most people I know are sharing offices the same size with five or six (my co-presidency of our grad student organization apparently hath its privileges). The building is still under heavy construction in the basement, where the flooding was worst, and the entire floor smells ridiculously chemicalish from the new linoleum (and presumably from the numerous mildew-killing chemicals they must have used). But the building in general smells a lot less chemical than it did when I came in on Thursday, which is good!

I also checked out the new Speaking Center, which is in the old M/MLA offices. It's actually probably nicer than the old basement space (which has been converted into a classroom to meet the desperate need for classroom space, with so many buildings still closed due to flood damage), though I guess we're going to have to move again at the end of this semester.

In other news, my syllabus is TOTALLY AWESOME, and the only thing I regret is that I can only put so much awesome stuff into one fifteen-week semester. I'm even doing some issues of Sandman! (If you're wondering, I'm doing "A Dream of a Thousand Cats" and "Ramadan," and I'm pairing the latter with Shelley's "Ozymandias," which I'll totally be using next semester to tie into Watchmen...SO AWESOME.)

Edit: Whoa, putting in the JoJo Wikipedia link made me wonder...what if I could teach some JoJo one of these days? FRAGILE LITTLE MINDS, THEY WOULD BE BLOWN
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Okay, I am prepared to pronounce this the best Doctor Who fanvid ever. (A few mild spoilers for the first few eps of S4, however, but really just for the baddies that appear in them.)

Also this ad is pretty quality too, as well as showing some interesting human perception patterns. XD

Today is my last Rhetoric class ever, so I'm gonna be bringing some snacks to class for my students. I'm kind of sad, since I do like a lot of my current students (and since there are so few of them I feel like I know more about them than in some of my larger classes). But I'm not gonna be too sad, since I am really looking forward to teaching Gen Ed Lit.

Also apparently my shopping instinct can manage to predict my wants and needs, as just the other day I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] jokersama about Cary Grant and wishing I could watch a Cary Grant movie, and THAT EXACT EVENING a package arrived from Overstock.com which I'd totally forgotten about ordering, which held Bringing Up Baby on DVD, lol. (It also had some Agatha Christie DVDs, which I'd been wanting to own, and the new Mansfield Park with Billie Piper.)
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Now I can put it out of my mind, at least for a few weeks until I have to work on it again in my summer class, augh.

In other news, tomorrow I have to turn in my booklist for Gen Ed Lit in the fall, and a course description. I imagine I'll crap something out revolving around looking at literature in context and engendering a lifelong love of literature for my course description; that's pretty much all I can do, since we have yet to have our proper orientation (it's in the fall, and the one we had last weekend was basically three hours of mentioning things and then saying we were going to talk about them in the fall). As for the two novels I'm going to teach, Pride and Prejudice is a shoo-in, of course, but I'm still debating between Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. I've got till tomorrow, so any suggestions?

Right now I'm leaning towards Atwood, just because I'm thinking it might be better to avoid TWO 19th-century female authors. On the other hand, I'm thinking about adding monster theory to my special interest area for comps, so maybe I should get some practice teaching Frankenstein?

And last night the second half of the new two-parter of Who aired, so my usual impressions post: Cut for your protection )

In miscellaneous "awesome" news, have some scary fake babies, the oldest sound recording ever, and Japanese boobie pudding.

Edit: Edited for GIP. :D
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Apparently Harrison Ford wishes to experience deforestation up close and personal. XD

As for what's up with me, not much...I got distressingly little done on my paper this morning, so I get to spend the rest of the evening working on revision. Then of course tomorrow I get to go to an all-day orientation session for new Gen Ed Lit instructors (since I'll be teaching that in the fall). I'm looking forward to teaching it, but I'm not looking forward to losing my entire Saturday, or the way that the booklist and the anthologies mostly define literature as "anything after 1850, with maybe a Shakespeare play thrown in"...I mean, I love my Victorian lit, but seriously, they couldn't include ONE Canterbury Tale in the anthologies, or have at least ONE of the great classical epics (the Iliad, Odyssey or Aeneid) on the new teacher booklist? Also only one of the possible anthologies has a Shakespeare play that's not Hamlet, and since 99% of students will have had Hamlet in high school - that and Romeo and Juliet are the old standards - I'd really rather not teach it.

In fact, I generally have problems with the way single stories or poems or plays get categorized as "defining" and so THAT'S ALL ANYONE EVER TEACHES. Seriously, is Hamlet so much better than Othello or Titus Andronicus? (It's certainly much less interesting.) Is "The Yellow Wallpaper" so amazingly world-changing that no one can teach any other short stories by 19th-century women? Is "A Rose for Emily" the only story Faulkner ever wrote? (Don't get me wrong, the necrophilia is awesome, but he did write other stories, and it might be nice to have those taught sometimes.) It happens to even the best work: I had the Odyssey four times in my first four years of undergrad, and while I love it by the fourth time around I didn't even reread it, because I remembered it so well and was so tired of it.

(Note that this isn't really a railing against the idea of a literary canon per se; I'd be fine with the canon as it stands if they just taught a larger variety within it.)
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...or it will be. Officially, my lease starts on August 1st; in practice, I can move in pretty much the day after the previous tenants move out (which is my birthday, July 28), as long as I don't mind doing general cleaning of the apartment myself instead of letting my landlords do it.

As I actually do enjoy most cleaning, when I can psych myself into doing it, I don't have a problem with this if it means that I then have enough overlap to take a day or two moving, instead of having to pack all my stuff into a U-Haul on July 31st, park it in the lot of my new building and then ask [livejournal.com profile] iowayehudit if I can sleep on her sofa until I can unpack the next day. XD

...So who in the IC area's in for helping me move on July 30th or the 31st (a Wednesday and a Thursday, respectively)? And also, [livejournal.com profile] rathershady and [livejournal.com profile] courters28, if you guys wanna come up and return the favor of helping me move (assuming scheduling permits), we can hang out and I will treat you to delicious Airliner pizza (which I know Courtney has been craving)!

In other news my Rhetoric students were way more mature about watching Transamerica than my past classes. To be fair, the only other classes I've shown it to were almost entirely freshmen, but still, it was nice not to get yells of "EWWWW, GROSS" at the full frontal male nudity or the innocent romantic scene between the transsexual lead and her male love interest. And while I actually don't mind yells like that so much at the genuinely squicky almost-incest scene near the end of the movie, they didn't even do more than grimace! I'd kind of gotten used to taking a sadistic little pleasure at their horror, but it was nice not to have to!

I find it especially hilarious that it's always guys doing the yelling, and louder than anything at the male nudity. I'm always mentally thinking, "HAY THAR, AS YOU'RE A GUY I KNOW IT'S NOT LIKE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ONE OF THOSE BEFORE, and by the way conspicuously and needlessly drawing attention to your aggressive heterosexuality like that is more likely to make people wonder why the fratboy protesteth too much than the reverse." So I'm glad I didn't have that this semester. XD

And then my class actually had a pretty good discussion of the movie! So I'm in a good mood...all I have to do is sit in my office for my office hour (which will be empty, as always), go home, and spend the evening cleaning my apartment (and maybe start boxing stuff up for the move, or am I too eager?) and playing Mana Khemia. \o/
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Why is this Star Wars fanfic so cathartic to read when grading? ...oh yeah, because Darth Maul is a Sith composition teacher who a) has to deal with regular TA duties (so I can identify), and b) is evil, and can afford to flunk everyone and/or make them drop the class. :D

A few choice excerpts )

Needless to say, I'm writing up speech comments. This group of speeches was actually pretty good; I'm almost looking forward to enjoyably bad papers again in the fall, since papers tend to be so much more atrocious than speeches, and it's been a while since I had a good teaching story. (My last one was the John Brown/James Brown mixup, and that was a full year ago now.)
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(spoilers for Doctor Who S2 finale, "Doomsday")

God, this clip never fails to make me sniffle. DAMN YOU RUSSELL T. DAVIES

Today was another no-go. I do think I've improved some since yesterday, though; after walking the two blocks to Kum'n'Go for Diet 7-Up and back yesterday, I felt weak as a newborn kitten, but when I did the same thing today, I felt tired but not nearly as bad. Also the congestion has cleared enough that I actually got most of a decent night's sleep last night, and a nap today, so I think I'll be in better shape tomorrow.

At least I'm hoping I am, as I can't exactly cancel my Rhetoric class two times in a row; fortunately, even if I am feeling like crap, all I have to do is teach in the afternoon and then handle a Speaking Center shift in the evening (I traded shifts with my coworker Kim, so she took mine this morning and I'm taking hers tomorrow evening). Fortunately, the evening shifts tend to be pretty quiet, so I'm not too worried it'll be too much to handle.

Thursday is going to be hell though. 9:30 in the morning to 8 at night, I'd better as fuck be back up to something resembling normal by then (especially since I have both a final exam and a quiz in German that evening). After that, all I have to do is teach on Friday, and then WOOHOO SPRING BREAK...I can't wait!

Edit: Also, because [livejournal.com profile] t3andcrumpets asked her flist to publicize it, y'all in the NYC area might want to think about going to Kristin Chenoweth's concert to benefit research on the rare disease ACD (alveolar capillary dysplasia). She was sparked to do this after her West Wing co-star NiCole Robinson (who played Margaret) lost her month-old son to ACD. And Chenoweth has said she'll continue doing these concerts until they find a cure, so y'all in other cities might want to keep an eye out if she does more.
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Christ, the weather here's been crazy lately. It snowed all day yesterday, with quite a bit of accumulation, and then this morning it had warmed up quite a bit and was raining hard. This of course meant slogging through ankle-deep slush all the way in to campus only to find that my morning seminar was cancelled (a sick prof).

Didn't bother me too much, though...I rarely complain when class is cancelled, heh. So instead of sitting around and discussing Lydgate, I went to Wal-Mart with [livejournal.com profile] lordtravis and bought printer paper and individual-serving store-brand Kool-Aid, and then he dropped me at home. I had a peaceful lunch, then came back into campus for my Rhetoric class. I think it went well, and discussion went well, which is nice - this class in general is pretty good at discussion; it's not as close to pulling teeth as discussion with some of my past classes have been.

I feel weird, though...this semester I've been trying to dress up a little more on most of the days when I teach, and this resulted today in wearing a white dress shirt under a new blue pullover with jeans. It feels very strange to be dressed like a Young Republican (well, as Travis pointed out, a true Young Republican would have worn khakis), but I did somehow feel like I had a bit more authority. We'll see how the nice-dressing policy continues to work, or if it does; I somehow have a feeling by finals week I'll be considering myself lucky if I show up showered, shaven, and in clean clothes, all issues of formality and informality in dress thrown to the wind (with my sanity).

Now my post-class office hours are over and I'm sitting in my office, working on the homework for my German class at 6 ("Nein, sie ist keine Japanerin. Sie ist Amerikanerin"); I just looked out my window, and the fog looks like something out of Silent Hill. The shrill 5:00 "end of work" siren-whistle that sounded as I was writing this entry did nothing to dispel that illusion. D:
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Wow, despite having only had five hours of sleep and did not start preparing for my Rhetoric class until like 15 minutes ago, I'm alarmingly cheerful - perky, one might even say - this morning. It's probably the caffeine. XD

Still, though, part of it might just be that it's a good morning. I had a croissant from the library food stall for breakfast that was surprisingly good, and now I'm sitting in my office with energetic music playing on my iPod, finishing the reading I assigned my students and putting together discussion questions. I don't teach until almost 11, so I feel like I've got plenty of time to put together an awesome discussion - and if today's discussion, on prejudice and race, isn't completely awesome, IT WILL NOT BE MY FAULT. (I am mildly worried because one of my better participators is sick and won't be there today, but NEVERTHELESS I WILL SOLDIER ON. Also if they suck at participation today that means they'll get a reading quiz on Thursday which I am going to make hard as fuck to guess at, just to spite them and make sure ONLY those who have done the reading closely will get it right.)

Then, after teaching, I'm going to have delicious pizza for lunch, then come back to my office and try to get some calligraphy practice done (maybe get a start on things to send!) before my Old English reading group at 5.
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I also purchased Heroes season 1 on DVD :D :D :D

...er, I haven't updated in a while, so a short precis of my doings lately:

- left my cellphone in a pants pocket and it went through the wash;
- cleaned up my room (mostly) the day before I left KC, so no chance to hook up my Wii;
- moved up a shitton of boxed books and stuff, so apartment is now a hot mess;
- failed driver's test both times I took it up here in Iowa, due in part to Noah's flood and in part to my own suckiness as a human being, so continue to walk and take the bus (will go to driver's school probably, because clearly am complete fuckup on my own);
- hooked up Wii here at home, as well as a wireless router so it and PS3 (and my laptop I guess, though I mostly keep that at the office) can access the Internet;
- made Irish soda bread for a barbecue at [livejournal.com profile] lordtravis and [livejournal.com profile] teachingmusic's;
- started my Milton class, which seems interesting;
- taught my first session of my public speaking class, and my students seem like good kids;
- decided not to take a class that I should take in favor of a class that I want to take, which I think will end up best in the end;
- got a new cellphone (same number that I posted before though)

I guess I've been pretty busy, come to think of it. Also, if y'all want to know, my Wii number is 0507-4481-5143-1684, and my PlayStation Network user ID is Yosituna.

Because I don't have time to post actual content, have this instead.


May. 13th, 2007 07:47 pm
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Okay, I finished grading and have them all turned in, but I'm still working on finishing up the last of my seminar paper. I'm trying to get it all put together and polished but it's taking FOREVER to do so. Still, I am determined to do so today. I REFUSE TO SLEEP UNTIL THIS BASTARD IS FINISHED AND TURNED IN. T_T

(I'm at my minimum page count now, but I still have some rough spots that need working out.)

Also, OH MY JESUSU but I think my summer class will kill me...for some reason I was thinking it was just two hours five days a week, but no, it's from noon to 2:45 five days a week. It's like a seminar every day! I WILL DIE I TELL YOU, DIE

And that's not even counting the fact that I already have reading for it to do by tomorrow oh god

In lieu of actual content, have some links from [livejournal.com profile] jokersama: Kama Sutra positions for Internet writers (the furry convention one is especially good), and SomethingAwful's most recent Photoshop Phriday, in which Photoshoppers take a trashy or fluffy film and try to create an arty poster for it. It's amusing seeing the Cannes wreaths on posters for Romero and Britney Spears films. XD


Apr. 16th, 2007 09:42 am
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Welp, I have listening to half a dozen speeches and a billion (okay, or three) office hours to look forward to today. Hopefully I'll get a lot of work done.

Let's Positive Linking!
- Twenty years of Funky Winkerbean, summed up in six panels. CANCER INCEST, WOO!
- How to masturbate an elephant. (Honestly, where does [livejournal.com profile] jokersama come up with these links?) You never know, knowing how to perform an elephant prostate massage might come in useful!
- Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan as Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia NOES. This movie is determined to make me cry, isn't it? I mean, LiLo can be bitchy at times, but I don't think I can buy her as Lucrezia Borgia; and Colin Farrell as Cesare isn't much better.
- Clay Aiken Does Afghanistan. OBI-WAN GAYNOBI, YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!
- A new perfume that may be of interest to y'all. (From [livejournal.com profile] naruto_nerd.) I love its tagline: "authentically natural vaginal flavor." Where do people come up with these ideas?
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Well, my brief friends-only experiment is over; I don't think any of my students have found me, and honestly at this point I don't really care if they find me talking about sparkly videogame buttsex (which is now my set phrase to describe the contents of my LJ). And I would like my friends from the W.C. to be able to read this, despite most of them not being on LJ. So from now on, my journal will be back to the way it was before this year; only sensitive stuff (so, stuff that's really personal, or stuff about teaching) will be friends-locked, and the rest will be public.

Am I going to go back and un-flock posts from this year? Hell no, I'm too lazy. I'm just glad I never got around to flocking everything from before last summer.

In other news, I still feel like shit. And since I got nothing done yesterday except sniffling and zoning out on Sudafed, I have no Old English translation done for today; looks like I may be skipping that class. ...God, and that's the second time this semester - in three weeks, even; that makes me feel so hypocritical, after getting so pissed off earlier this morning about my student who never comes to class (though to be fair, I do make it to Old English almost all the time!).

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Well, the incomplete was OK'ed - my professor just wants it by the first day of classes next semester, which I'm perfectly happy to concur with (I want it done by then too!). So break will be less restful than I would have liked, but y'know, whatever.

On the plus side, my grading is DONE and turned in. I survived my first semester teaching, w00t! I will admit I was helped along by this story about Darth Maul teaching freshman comp. XD

However, two of my students attached...odd things to their papers. For some reason, one included a photocopy of his insurance card at the end of his final paper (why? I DON'T KNOW); the other included the entire five-page syllabus for another, completely unrelated, geography class (...) at the end of his. WEIRD.

Anyway, tomorrow I leave for three weeks of family holiday togetherness at home. Here's hoping all goes well. I'm not looking forward to the drama I'm afraid will ensue, and to top things off I found out from my mom the other day that apparently she has to have several biopsies done for a suspicious something that showed up during her pap smear. She's got two more doctor's visits for it after I get home, and of course I'll go with her for support. So much for any hope of a restful break, though. D:

An amusing IRC convo from today that will be of special interest to both pornmongers and bakers! )

And for all y'all, the best Christmas special EVAR (from [livejournal.com profile] eslington). DUN-NUH-NUH-NUH DUN-NUH-NUH-NUH BAT-SANTA!


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