Jul. 11th, 2010 10:36 pm
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I'm currently playing reading the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel, which is actually pretty awesome so far - except I really like a lot of the characters, especially Battler, Jessica and George, and I'm worrying because it's becoming pretty clear that, in true When They Cry fashion, the story is heading towards grisly end(s) for most of the characters. D: D: D:

For some reason I've really been into visual novels lately - I've played through Katawa Shoujo a few times, which is surprisingly sweet and sensitive for something engendered in the hellish pit that is 4chan, and am hoping to work my way through Fate/stay night once I finish Umineko. And I want to get the official release of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni once I finish those, because I really liked the anime and want to play the games that inspired it. (Even if the artist for both Higurashi and Umineko can't draw hands to save his life.)

Edit: Also, forgot to mention this before, but [livejournal.com profile] enkiae, you seriously need to play this; it's like Higurashi but with the killer-loli and scheming-frosty-ojousama ratio reversed! (And one of the two lolis has an encyclopedic knowledge of Western black magic, so...)
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Something all you Doctor Who fans on my friendslist should love )

In other Who news, a (reconstructed) AIM conversation between me and [livejournal.com profile] jokersama (aka Puu):

The saga of Miffy )

Now time for a review of the latest episode...spoilers ahoy, natch.

Doctor Who 05x04, The Time of Angels )
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Finally sent off the prospectus for my dissertation to my committee, and will be going in later today to photocopy a hard copy for them. WOOHOO! It took a year to come to fruition, but it's finally here!

Now here's hoping that in that same amount of time that it took to conceive and write these 7 pages (plus bibliography), that I can manage...about 250 pages of actual dissertation. orz

IN OTHER NEWS my digital letterpress class is going swimmingly; I'm currently in the process of making photopolymer printing plates for my first (of two) multi-page book project, which is a short booklet about the Tamam Shud case. Creepy AND informative...the best of both worlds! Anyway, I spent about 3 hours yesterday evening making polymer plates, and I'll probably spend the same amount of time or a bit more today doing the same thing. Here's hoping the end result is awesome enough to justify all this work?

And in OTHER OTHER NEWS I am elated about the return of Glee (Madonna episode tonight, HELL YEAH, BITCHES...and I'm not even a Madonna fan, I just loved Sue Sylvester's Vogue video). Other newly discovered televisual enjoyments have included Spartacus: Blood and Sand (bloody as fuck, but totally awesome), 6teen (from the creators of the Total Drama series, conceived as a teen version of Friends set in a shopping mall SHUT UP I KNOW I'M LAME BUT IT'S KINDA AWESOME), and Ugly Americans (which is wrong but totally awesome, especially zombie roommate Randall; as I was telling [livejournal.com profile] jokersama, it's reminiscent to me of that bizarrely awesome mid-'90's MTV show The Head). And of course there is Doctor Who, which is delightful to have back on regularly (even if "The Merchandising Victory of the Daleks" was a bit lightweight and plot-holey, especially given the awesome premise of Daleks fighting for Britain in World War II).

Finally, I am currently teaching a Rambo novel to my students to round out the semester...how awesome is that? (Clearly we will have to end our discussion of it by viewing clips of all four Rambo films, natch.) Sometimes I love teaching.
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Just finished the newest Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher, Changes...and it was totally awesome, as expected, but wow the author REALLY wasn't lying when he said this was the book that changes everything (as per the title). Also HOLY CLIFFHANGER ENDING BATMAN WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Also why is no one else I know reading these books, sob

Also I have been watching the new Doctor Who! I am greatly enjoying Smiffy as the Eleventh Doctor, and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is adorable and awesome.

Highlights, lowlight and nattering about previews for next few weeks )

In other news, I sent off a prospectus draft this past week, and hope to send out the final draft next week. All things going well, I should have it approved and starting the dissertation should be go by the end of the month!
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I'd tend to favor whatever the wronged party wants, though I'd lean towards a split-up; certainly in the most recent case (Sandra Bullock and Jesse James) I kinda think she should dump his ass, as from all accounts she is super-nice and is adorable. But if she wants to stick it out, good for her...though if I were her, I would not take kindly to having my post-Oscar mellow harshed by infidelity rising to the surface, and would kick his ass to the curb. But I generally feel that Sandra Bullock is the kind of person you don't cheat on (ditto with, say, Kate Winslet - not that I think she's splitting with Sam Mendes because there was cheating, but similarly she's the kind of star whom pretty much everyone likes, and if you cheat on her you'll piss off a lot of people).

Anyway, I am finally getting around to doing the three fandoms meme [livejournal.com profile] nemissa gave me:

Megaten )

Suikoden )

JoJo )
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So today I was surfing TVTropes (specifically the entry on the Award Bait Song) and followed a link to the YouTube music video of what is one of the greatest example of such songs, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". And not only was it rather jarring and sad to see Whit-Whit back before her crack habit took its toll, but just the sheer and utter 90s-ness of it made me feel nostalgic with an almost physical longing.

All kinds of indelible memories from that period suddenly came rushing into my mind, from hanging out with my best friends in grade school to watching MTV back when they played music videos to buying comics every week with my dad and stepbrother. And while I tend not to be one of those people who believes that the past was always better than the present - and I certainly don't believe that the world then or my life then were better than they are now - I just found that I really miss that period of my life.

While there are many things I love about my life now and wouldn't trade, things certainly did seem simpler then (even if they weren't, actually) and I miss that - back when all I had to worry about was showing up at school and deciding what videogame to save up for. I've still got classes (both teaching and taking) and videogames (Final Fantasy XIII and Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening are my projected purchases this month), and I'm certainly not complaining that I don't have to deal with memorizing times tables or save up my allowance at $5/week anymore, but somehow it feels very different.

I don't know whether it's that I'm dissatisfied with my life (though I'm taking steps to change the parts of my life I am dissatisfied with, which I'll probably talk about in a later entry) or whether I just miss the lack of responsibility that went with being a kid, and I don't know why it's this particular period of the early- to mid-90s that I'm feeling nostalgic for. Still, I think a rewatch of The Bodyguard on Netflix may be in order.
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Today marks my return to blogging; I've been meaning to get back to it for ages, as I did feel more productive when I was doing it, but somehow I've gotten out of the habit (I blame my DVR). But I'm back and raring to go!

I'm not usually up this early in the morning (4:30 a.m.), but I took a quick nap of a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, and that combined with a bit of a toothache (leftover from my wisdom tooth surgery a week and change ago) kept me from being able to go to sleep. About 3 a.m., I gave up and started doing some long-overdue kitchen cleaning.

I like getting up early, much as I'm the opposite of a morning person; it always makes me feel productive to be able to get things done before I'd normally even be awake. For example, so far this morning I've washed a buttload of dishes, prepped the trash to be taken out once it's light out (and once I have clothes on), and graded some quizzes I gave my students on Friday (for which the results were about as dismal as I expected, overall). On a normal Monday I wouldn't be clawing my way out of sleep for another couple of hours, by which time I hope to have had a light workout, made breakfast and maybe showered.

So lack of sleep hath its privileges, though I'm sure I'll be hella sorry in my evening class when I have to avoid snoring during the instructor's Adobe Illustrator tutorial.

Anyway, I'm doing this through a new "unified" journaling program called viJournal, which lets you synchronize or semi-synchronize a computer journal with a LiveJournal or Blogger journal. It seems pretty cool so far, but I haven't done anything fancy with it yet; let's see if it works out.
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RIP Captain Lou Albano. Do the Mario one last time in remembrance!
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Man, I love Simon Pegg...in addition to his awesome movies, his Twitter (simonpegg) is pretty awesome too. A few samples:

- Read the Twilight books on hols. Really enjoyed them in a sort of 'creepy old man reading delusional, horny, daughter's diary' way.

- I'm definitely team Jacob. I much rather have good abs and burst sneakers than liquid topaz eyes and a fear of hand jobs.

- Oh come on, the Cullens are so up themselves. Pretentious much? You're vamps for frick's sake, drink human blood and stop crying! (help).


Sep. 28th, 2009 09:18 pm
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I am posting this from my new iPod touch...it's totally awesome!

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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Sorry I have been AWOL for so long...but I am making a triumphant return to LJ! (Mostly because this is one of the few things I've stuck with for years, and would like to keep it going.)

Basically I got off-track because I had lots of long posts I wanted to do and always felt I should be doing one of those instead of doing my usual semi-stream-of-consciousness posting...but no more! Now I will post what I feel like posting again, whether it is useful or not.

What's new in my life )

That is all for now. More to follow at some point soon(ish).
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Squeenix has a new teaser site up, with a dragon, a number 4, and a counter counting down until July 6th. Judging by the Gameboy-esque music and the black-and-white picture, I'm betting it'll be SaGa 4, especially since this is the 20th anniversary (hard to believe) of the first SaGa game, for the original Game Boy. WiiWare, DSiWare, mobile phone, or next-gen system?

Anyway, I'm heading out this afternoon for 10 days in London with my friend Stephanie; I'm hoping to update my LJ a little more frequently while I'm there, and certainly I should have a buttload of pictures upon our return. But if I don't update while I'm there (due to lack of time/wi-fi/whatever), see y'all in a week and a half!

Rockin' on

Jun. 13th, 2009 07:42 pm
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HOLY CRAP but this is a massive markdown on music games...looks like I'mma have to pick me up some Rock Band, finally. :D
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Well, this is awkward - first entries always are, I've noticed. But I suppose I'd better get it out of the way so I can blog like a normal person (for fannish values of "normal").

So, a few statements about me:
- I'm Joseph, or Yosi. I'm a graduate student in the humanities, working on my Ph.D.
- I am a Whovian, a Whedonite, and a member of various other unsavory televisual cults.
- I love videogames, especially RPGs (the more weeaboo, the better).
- I enjoy reading comics, though my knowledge of such is relatively limited, I feel (or maybe it's just that most of the comic book geeks I know are even geekier than myself). I also read a lot of manga, primarily shoujo (girls') manga, and within that primarily cute romantic stuff.
- ...No, I'm not secretly a sixteen-year-old girl, honest.
- I have practiced every kind of craft at some point or other (well, except maybe tatting), though the only ones I've managed to keep up with for any length of time are knitting and rubber-stamping.
- ...No, I'm not secretly a forty-year-old housewife, either.
- I am whatever the British equivalent of a weeaboo is. (A Britaboo?) It is daily the bane of my life (well, to be honest, maybe weekly) that BBC America is not part of my cable package. I would like to live in England someday, though I don't see that happening anytime soon unfortunately.
- I like cheese, primarily white cheeses like farmer, Monterey Jack or mozzarella. However, I do not like melted cheese except on pizza. (In case you hadn't noticed, I am really really picky.)

Nice to meet you!
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Currently rewatching Angel season 4; it truly is the best season of any television show ever, as far as I'm concerned. I sat down this evening, meaning to just watch one episode, and ended up watching four because the cliffhangers were so good. Even knowing what comes next, I still have to watch to see it! I totally remember, during the first run of this season, going on IRC and squeeing with [livejournal.com profile] enkiae over the ending of each new episode, being all "ZOMG DID YOU SEE THAT [spoiler] JUST KILLED [spoiler] AND TURNED OUT TO BE EVIL, HOLY CRAP, I CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK!" (Or NEXT MONTH in the case of those evil, evil end-of-sweeps cliffhangers. A certain Oedipal tryst, for example?)

I'm almost up to the season-ending Jasmine story arc, which of course features the awesomeness that is Gina Torres (a.k.a. Zoe from Firefly/Serenity); currently, [livejournal.com profile] enkiae's favorite character (who is also one of my favorites) just lost her head temporarily, and a certain Sunnydale resident just returned to deal with Angel's personal demons. WHY IS THIS SEASON SO DAMN EPIC
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Now that comps is over and I've got a little breathing room, I finally made it back to Persona 4 for the first time in months; I'm reminded of how much I love this game, and I just maxed out Kanji's S.Link, and ARGHHHHHH SO ADORABLE

Spoilers for various party members' S.Links, and generally through the end of August )
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O, oh my god but this is kind of awesome (spoilers for the latest, newly announced Kingdom Hearts game).

Edit: Lindsay Lohan's "eHarmony profile" (a.k.a. HOLY CRAP, I can't believe she did this)

Edit 2: Apparently that first thing I linked might be fake? DAMMIT DISQUEENIX YOU BETTER MAKE IT NOT FAKE, ASAP


Apr. 14th, 2009 05:53 pm
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I am now [livejournal.com profile] yoshitsune, M.A., A.B.D. That is, I passed comps!

However, my committee didn't really think any of my (three) potential dissertation topics I was looking at were workable, so I'm now doing my dissertation on bigness. But at least I'm done with comps!
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Oh dear, arguments over whether Who is sci-fi or fantasy (spoilers for the most recent special), because clearly it can only be one or the other and since it has no swords or elves, it must be hard sci-fi, and when it handwaves scientific impossibility with technobabble it must be DOIN IT WRONG.

I really think the ghettoization of fantasy/sf, even within the collective genre of "speculative fiction" or whatevs, does harm because it leads a lot of people into making hard-and-fast dichotomies like this. Really Who is science-fantasy - sure, it has spaceships and aliens, but the TARDIS is a lot closer to the wardrobe from Narnia than any kind of space vessel from Star Trek.

But I think what amuses me most is the idea that somehow this last special was kind of the last straw for Who as a sci-fi show, or that Rusty's somehow doing so much worse than his predecessors at the sciencey bits due to his unwillingness to research. Spoilers for the special )

So tl;dr, Who has always been much more skiffy than sci-fi, and it's about as close to hard sci-fi as Star Wars is (actually they're I think at a similar level of "science fantasy," though I'd say SW is a LEETUL closer to the hard sci-fi side, which as horrifying as that is to say tells you something about Who I think).

Edit: Oh never mind, now it's coming off a little more as something against the episode in particular or against RTD personally; since this person is totally okay with Moffat's "wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey" explanation and Pertwee's "reversing the polarity of the neutron flow," I honestly can't see why spoilers ) is somehow beyond the pale. Not that Rusty can't occasionally get a little bad with his "random technobabble saves the day," but even that's not the first time that's happened in Who (it happened in the aforementioned Pertwee's era not infrequently too).

And hey it's a little better with the science than Heroes, which at times seems at least to be TRYING to be hard sci-fi and which has made [livejournal.com profile] jokersama's head explode with its treatment of medicine.


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