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Finally got around to watching Torchwood: Children of Earth (which I bought on Blu-ray when it first came out, but had never actually seen).

This was inspired by watching the first episode of the new series of Torchwood on Starz, which was surprisingly good (you must remember that the last time I saw the show, it was during season 1, when their idea of exciting drama and action was random bisexual affairs and cyborg women being slathered with barbecue sauce to attract pterodactyls). I’d kept up with what happened in the canon through seasons 2 and CoE, but hadn’t actually watched them.

I’d heard CoE was when the series had gotten legit good, though, so after this I figured I’d give it a try. Holy crap, but it actually was good! As I said to someone, Torchwood is now the kind of show that I would actually recommend to other people unreservedly (as opposed to being all “well, it’s worth watching because it’s often so-bad-it’s-good, but you have to cut it some slack on that ridiculousness because sometimes it really does have good moments!”).

Anyway, my thoughts (only slightly spoilery):

- Gwen is SO MUCH LESS annoying than she was in S1, it’s ridiculous. In fact, everyone had quite a few badass moments, even the new characters.
- I loved the way it tried to stay on the line of moral ambiguity, then trampled all over it by the end. See: Jack’s actions on Day Five.
- I thought Lois Habiba was badass, but I still wished she could have been Martha as originally planned.
- I did not expect to…I don’t know if “like” is the word, but respect and sympathize with Frobisher as much as I did? I mean, I did not expect that, especially after what he did on Day Five, but I did! I also hated Johnson at the beginning of the series and really liked her by the end, which I was not expecting.
- (To clarify on that last point: I liked Ianto, and Janto, but I still smirk at the DELICIOUS FAN TEARS and butthurt and flouncing that Day Four evoked. That is some classic grade-A fandom trolling, Rusty. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND)


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